YouTube Restricts ‘Picture-in-Picture’ on iOS, Features Still Not Ready to Release All

14 – Last August 2021, YouTube began rolling out the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature on iOS as an “experimental feature”. After nine months, as of April 8, 2022, YouTube has started to limit the feature on the iOS platform.

Currently, the PiP feature on iOS is only available to YouTube Premium users who previously had the opportunity to test this feature out.

The PiP feature functions to make the video display playing in the YouTube application turn into a small screen, so users can still watch videos while opening other applications.

Previously, it was reported that the PiP feature on iOS, which is an “experimental feature”, was discontinued. The indication comes from the page which displays experimental features.

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On that page, the PiP for iOS feature is no longer found and it just says “the feature you were trying has been discontinued”. According to 9to5Googlethis feature was previously listed with a trial expiry date of April 8, 2022.

Picture-in-picture features Picture-in-picture features

Apparently, this feature is not disappearing, but only limited. According to iMore’s report, iOS users who previously subscribed to YouTube Premium and had the chance to try out the PiP feature can still experience the PiP feature until now. However, the PiP feature will not be available to iOS users who have just subscribed to YouTube Premium.

“The PiP feature is not missing from the iPad we usually use. We also did a test on a new iPhone with a YouTube Premium account that had participated in the PiP feature trial, and it worked,” the report said, quoted by KompasTekno, Wednesday (13/4/2022).

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Launch Digital TrendsYouTube said it will continue testing the PiP feature on iOS users who subscribe to YouTube Premium.

“We are continuing to run trials of the PiP feature on iOS users who subscribe to YouTube Premium. We hope to be able to roll out the PiP feature to all iOS users in the United States in the next few months,” the company said. DigitalTrendsWednesday (13/4/2022).

Had the wrong information

Some time ago, the YouTube Twitter account with the handle @TeamYouTube had given wrong information.

In response to a user having problems accessing the PiP feature on iOS, YouTube said that the feature “will be available in the near future for all iOS 15 and above devices”. The tweet has now been deleted.

However, YouTube immediately clarified. Account @TeamYouTube explained that for now, what has been released is the PiP feature in the YouTube TV app on iOS, not the ‘regular’ YouTube app.

Meanwhile, for Android users, YouTube calls this feature only for those who subscribe to YouTube Premium.

“To clarify, the PiP feature can still be used by iOS users on the YouTube TV application for iOS 15 users and above. Meanwhile, for Android users, the PiP feature is only available for YouTube Premium subscribers,” said YouTube through its official Twitter account, Monday (11/01). 4/2022).

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YouTube TV itself is a separate application from regular YouTube. This application is indeed available in the App Store. YouTube TV was released in 2017, offering a variety of television shows that can be accessed on several devices, such as smartphones, PCs, or tablets.

Launch TheVerge. YouTube had extended the “experiment” of the PiP feature on iOS. Initially, the trial of this feature was planned to end on October 31, 2021. However, the experiment was extended to April 8, 2022.

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