YouTube Launches Green Screen Feature in Shorts for iOS Users


JAKARTA – Currently the popularity of short videos continues to increase, that’s why YouTube added a new feature for Shorts which will open new creative options in the application.

YouTube expands options Green Screen or the current Green Screen in Shorts, where content creators can use an eligible YouTube video or Short as the background for their Shorts clip.

“You can create using audio + video or just video if you choose to mute the audio. To use Green Screenjust select Make select Green Screen in the options menu under the video you are watching or press the three-dot menu in the Shorts player and select Green Screen. The maximum length you can create is 60 seconds,” YouTube said in its post.

Originally features Green Screen it was added in October last year. This is an option also available on TikTok and Instagram.

However, when it was released, Green Screen on YouTube only allows creators to upload content from their camera gallery to use as a background image.

Launch TechCrunchThursday, May 12, now, creators will have a much wider set of content to choose from and embed in their Shorts background, with the original creator attributed via the source link in the Shorts view.

This feature also incorporates a number of other effects that are now available to Shorts creators, including the Retouch which refines the appearance of the Lighting feature to enhance dark clips, the Align feature which aligns the subject from the last frame of the video with the new video, a text and timeline editor for adding messages above the top video, various video filters and, most recently, Cuta tool that effectively allows all of YouTube’s public content to become Shorts material.

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Like Cut, YouTube says features Green Screen remix the new one can be used with any public YouTube video unless the creator has opted out. The only exceptions to that are music videos that include copyrighted content from YouTube partners or others with visual claims.

YouTube continues to see strong performance with its Shorts option, with Shorts clips in the app now seeing more than 30 billion views per day, a fourfold increase in the past year. For information, features Green Screen just started rolling out on iOS today and coming soon to Android.