Xiaomi’s secret weapon for its next smart bracelets: flexible screens


Xiaomi explores how to completely renew its successful Mi Band, undoubtedly the benchmarks of a saturated market that needs to be renewed… With flexible screens?

Surely Xiaomi could already be celebrating that it has in its catalog a the best-selling quantifying bracelets on the market with its popular and cheap Mi Band, but we all know that in this volatile industry no one can fall asleep because any fish that falls asleep is carried away by the current.

Perhaps for this reason, from Haidian they already outline us the future of some Mi Band that seem to also embrace the flexible panelssomewhat looking for that step forward for devices that have saturated their market, their options and their functionalities, although surely also, on the other hand, trying resemble that essence of folding mobiles that offer more space and more content on screen for users.

Samsung GearFit 2 Pro

This is the Gear Fit 2 Pro, Samsung’s curved screen quantifying bracelet.

The patent has been filed and approved in Chinaincluding a lot of sketches under the heading of “smart bracelet” and within the classification of portable devices of the Chinese intellectual property authority, highlighting in the product description that the design itself focuses on form and ergonomics using a flexible panel.

In fact, these images presented to us by the GizmoChina colleagues are really quite familiar to us, since they are a concept similar to the one that Samsung and its Gear Fit have already explored in the pastcurving the panel around the wearer’s wrist to thus allow have more screen diagonal while maintaining maximum comfort of use for a device oriented to sports and quantification.

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This could be the hypothetical Mi Band 7 with curved screen

Xiaomi's secret weapon for its next smart bracelets: flexible screens

Xiaomi Mi Band 6, analysis: is it worth the move to the latest generation of the smart bracelet?

Indeed, as you may have seen, the design has a fixed, curved section on which the board, components, and that flexible OLED display would sit that would adapt to the shape of our wrists.

It would be a design halfway between the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro and the Nubia Watch that launched on Kickstarter in 2020, with a 4.01-inch super-flexible AMOLED panel that wrapped around the arm almost like a strap.

As is obvious, it is only a patent and we must take it with the utmost sportsmanship, since it is still too early to say that the Mid Band 6 will be curved and perhaps Xiaomi is only doing design exercises, because surely such a design would significantly raise prices of a very attractive product precisely because of the content of its price.

We will have to keep an eye on the track to Xiaomi and its new wearableswell at least we already know that they are exploring how to completely renew their successful Mi BandGood news!

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