Xiaomi’s camera app is updated: this is all that changes


MIUI is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Android customization layers today thanks to the large number of terminals of the Chinese firm that flood the market. One of the main features of MIUI is that it has a complete ecosystem of native applications like the calculator app, the file manager or the camera app.

Regarding the latter, recently, we have just learned, thanks to the guys from MIUIes, that Xiaomi has just launched, through the latest Daily Chinese Beta of MIUI 13 with version number 22.2.17an update of its camera application, which we will detail below.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 camera

Xiaomi’s camera app on the newly introduced Redmi Note 11

These are all the news that will come to the camera of your Xiaomi

The main novelty that this update of the Xiaomi camera application incorporates is improving its image processing engine with AI (Artificial Intelligence)which will increase the quality of the photos taken with this app and will give us much better results.

In addition to the evolution of the image processing engine, the Chinese giant has also included in this update a number of minor changes to the interface of your camera app that improve its design.

Xiaomi camera update

These are all the changes included in the Xiaomi camera app update

Changes in the MIUI camera app interface are the following:

  • The zoom buttons become filled instead of transparent
  • The manual zoom selection interface changes to just above the previous buttons
  • The “Countdown” function has been renamed as “Timer (2s)”

As this is an update to the Chinese Daily Beta version, these new features of the camera app are not available, at the moment, in our countrysince we will have to wait for this update reach the official stable versions of each of the terminals of the Chinese firm. something that we hope will not take too long.

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