Xiaomi has presented this antibacterial ‘performance’ t-shirt in India


Xiaomi applies high technology to a sports shirt that offers antibacterial, antimicrobial and UV protection… For less than 10 euros!

Xiaomi continues to grow its portfolio of products, and we are not exactly talking about electronic devices this time, because The Haidian giant has surprised India by presenting its first t-shirt developed for athleteswhich boasts antibacterial and antiviral protection as well as a total screen against ultraviolet rays.

The shirt in question is called Anti-Viral Performance T-shirtand with this bombastic name the colleagues from GizmoChina taught us a few days ago, echoing their direct landing on the manufacturer’s official store in Indiawhere it is already available for the most fanatic sports enthusiasts of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Anti-Viral Performance T-shirt

This is the Xiaomi Anti-Viral Performance T-shirt.

As you will see, it is a fitted and long-sleeved shirt, made of a breathable fabric and designed to improve our performance when training in many sportsalso counting on a zipper that will allow us to dress it more comfortably being able to modify the adjustment of the neck.

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Xiaomi has not spared, which has even used a high-end YKK zipper to avoid breakage during training sessions, adding for those who do sports outdoors their logos with a reflective material that will make us be seen more easily by vehicles or other people.

The fabric has been developed with high-tech techniques, presenting a antimicrobial treatment with ultra-fresh that promises high performance and maximum breathability to keep us dry and comfortable when doing sports. In fact, it is that Xiaomi presumes that the technology drytech+ It is capable of reducing the temperature difference between inside and outside by up to 2 degrees Celsius.

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This fabric from the future also has protection from the sun’s harmful rays thanks to its UVA and UVB screens, so it will also be ideal for water sports in the sea.

Xiaomi Anti-Viral Performance T-shirt

Technology and innovation applied to fashion and sports… For less than 10 euros!

They say from Xiaomi that the secrets of its antiviral and antibacterial treatment are around this fabric and its structure, as it is capable of keep the pore size of our skin below 120 nanometersthus preventing contaminants from entering our body.

With all this that we have told you, you would expect a high price, but Xiaomi lists it in its store in India at a price of 1,499 rupees, something like 17.75 euros, although in its launch offer Indian users can get it for just 699 rupees, about 8.25 euros more than attractive taking into account the price of technical shirts from other brands.

Finally, it remains to be said that it is obviously available in four sizes -S, M, L and XL-, and that the only downside that we see is that cannot be purchased officially in Spain for nowalthough we will surely be able to find it soon in retailers importers like AliExpress.

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