Xiaomi has a special and free app to control the battery of your mobile to the maximum



Through certain notifications that you configure yourself, this app helps you control whenever your mobile battery has power.

Your Xiaomi mobile has an entire section dedicated to knowing battery details, as well as a small icon in the status bar that also informs you about the current battery level. However, if you are a obsessed with always having battery in the mobilethere is a Xiaomi application that will help you control the energy level to the maximum in your terminal.

His name is Battery Alarm Notifier and you can download it for free through the following link to the Google Play Store. We have already tested the app and we are ready to tell you in detail how you can use it. By the way, it is an app developed by Xiaomi, but you can download it and get the most out of it on smartphones of any other brand.

Battery Alarm Notifier, an app to always control the battery

Xiaomi mobile with wireless charging

This Xiaomi app is perfect to control the state of your battery to the maximum.

Battery Alarm Notifier is an application that sends you notifications when the battery of your mobile is above or below a certain level. In addition, you can also notify you when the charger is connected or disconnected. You are the one in charge of choosing what you want the app to alert you about, since the configuration of the alarms you want to receive depends on you.

For example, if you want to know when the battery drops below 5% because you like the risk, you can set an alarm in which you choose if you want play an audio from your library or a ringtone. In addition, you can also write the text that the mobile will play aloud when the battery is less than 5%. In short, it will be difficult for you not to find out about the alerts sent by the application.

Receive alerts when your phone drops below a certain battery level, so you’ll know it’s urgent that you connect it to the charger.

Before explaining how it works step by step, you should know that Battery Alarm Notifier is a small app size, so you can install it without problems in your terminal. On the other hand, it is also I should mention that it has ads -and quite a few-.

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Now yes, once you have downloaded the app on your mobile, you must open it and tap on the + button from the lower right corner. This way you will access the configuration of the first alarm, in which you have to choose four key aspects: the alert name, what do you want me to alert you about -charger plugged in or unplugged, battery higher or lower than X-, the sound of the alarm -either from your library or one of the ringtones- and the text that the mobile will play aloud.

When all the details are chosen, tap on the “Save” button in the lower right corner to save your changes. If you want to set new alarms, just repeat the process.

Xiaomi has a special and free app to fully control the battery of your mobile

If you look at the screenshot above showing the main screen of the app, there is a large red Stop button. This is the button you have to press to stop all alerts from working, so you are not interrupted in the middle of a phone call, while you sleep or while you are studying. Besides, you can also individually stop each of the alerts.

You can also access the app’s settings, which offer you a timer to activate and deactivate do not disturb mode automatically depending on the time. Here you can also activate other options, such as the sound of the alarms yes or yes during calls, the playback at maximum volume, repeat sounds and ignore the sound mode enabled on the phone. For example, if you have do not disturb turned on, the alert will sound the same.

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Definitely, Battery Alarm Notifier is a very useful app to find out when your mobile needs the charger urgently or when you can already remove the accessory, because it has already exceeded the level you needed before leaving home.

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