Wow, Google Removes 190,000 Developers and 1.2 Million Apps on Play Store


droidsnipe.comJakarta – Google’s latest report says that there are 190,000 accounts developer which contains spam has been blocked from the Play Store app store throughout 2021. Not only that, 1.2 million apps have been removed for violating company policies.

This number is significantly higher than in 2020. The blocking and deletion were carried out by Google in an effort to make the Play Store application store a safer space for users.

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Google claims to have managed to block billions of potentially dangerous applications. More than 500,000 accounts developer dormant and dormant ones are also closed. In the Data Security rules for developers, Google does say that they are very strict in presenting software development kit (SDK).

Google also notes that 98% of apps that have migrated to Android 11 avoid the risk of accessing the application programming interface (API) sensitive. So, the newer the Android is, the less risk the user has of getting spam.

“We are constantly working to make Android a safe place. Last year, we banned the collection of all user Advertising IDs (AAIDs) and other device identifiers in kid-only apps. Also, allowing all users to remove their Advertising ID completely, regardless of the application,” explained Google.

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According to the site Neowin, when it comes to the Play Store, privacy and security are indeed a high priority for them. There are reports that Google disabled all third-party apps that record calls.

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The company also introduces it in the “Data Security” menu for devedeliveryman which should they provide more information about whatever user data is collected and the purpose behind it.