Why write WhatsApp messages to yourself and how to do it


Send WhatsApp messages to yourself

Although we have already taught you the tricks to get the most out of WhatsApp, writing messages to yourself should be one of them. consider that you can give WhatsApp more uses than just sending messages to other people.

So, now you will want to use this app more often because it will not only be useful for sending messages, but also by sending messages to yourself you can also get more out of this app.

Why send WhatsApp messages to yourself

Giving WhatsApp other uses, besides just sending messages to other people, will allow you to save a little space on your device. For example, if you used WhatsApp to take your notes you would not have to download a notes app, truth?

Take into account that sending WhatsApp messages to yourself will not only help you keep your notes. In fact, sending WhatsApp messages to yourself will also allow you to save your documents, save locations, save your COVID certificate, store voice notes with things to remember, send files between your mobile and your computer using WhatsApp Web, etc.

Why send you WhatsApp messages

How to send WhatsApp messages to yourself

Well, you already know the use of sending WhatsApp messages to yourself, but, how do you do it? It is important that you know that sending WhatsApp messages to yourself is not complicated at all. In fact, there are several methods with which you can send messages to yourself in this app.

  • The basic method for you to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp is save your phone number in your mobile phone book. After saving your number, you just have to search for it among your WhatsApp contacts and send the messages you want.
  • Another method you can use to send each other messages on WhatsApp is use the URL of your phone number so you don’t have to add yourself to your contacts. Take into account that here we explain how to send WhatsApp messages without adding the contact. In this case you have to use your number to create the link and that’s it.
  • Finally, the last method you can use to send yourself messages on WhatsApp is create a group with only you. This method may be the easiest, but you decide which one you want to use.
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Note that you can also pin the chat that you have with yourself on WhatsApp so you can quickly access it and you can write the notes or messages you want.