Why does this message appear on WhatsApp?


If you’re seeing the message “Your phone number is suspended” on WhatsApp, it’s likely that you’ve been blocked for using unofficial apps… We’ll tell you how to fix it!

In recent days or weeks, hundreds of complaints from countless WhatsApp users who are seeing their accounts temporarily suspended, with a very cryptic message telling them to “Your phone number is suspended” without much more explanation than summon the user to contact Support to search for a solution.

And it is indeed WhatsApp service is blocked As for the user, this message is shown, so the only option will effectively be to contact the WhatsApp Customer Service in the emails [email protected] or [email protected] to tell us the reasons for the suspension as well as how we can solve it to regain access to the platform.

whatsapp blocked

If you have used unofficial apps, WhatsApp may have suspended your account.

In any case, don’t worry because we will now reveal to you why this message appears, something that affected users should also know because those responsible for Meta warned us actively and passively on several occasions, announcing long ago that they were going to outright cease support and functionality for unofficial applications and alternative clients such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, temporarily blocking all customers who do not start using the official application within a certain period.

WhatsApp no ​​longer warns and now goes straight to action, if you use an alternative client like WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp it is likely that your account will be temporarily suspended until you start using the official Meta app.

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The truth is that already it was not easy to use applications like WhatsApp Plus for some time now, because after complaints from the Menlo Park company these apps have ended up disappear from Google Play Store and App Store on iOS directly, having to resort to downloading the APK from its official website or from less secure repositories.

However, there are still a lot of users who want to have the huge added functionality of these appswhich effectively allowed us to do impossible things with the official app published by Meta and personalize the experience much better by WhatsApp.

Not in vain, with WhatsApp Plus we can, for example change color palettes and choose new themeschange the fonts or even use more emoticons and stickers in an even simpler way.

Suspended account on WhatsApp

If WhatsApp has suspended your account, you will see this message.

The idea behind these WhatsApp clones was good, but it seems that in Meta does not like too much that users access the service from other clientsso there is no point reviewing its benefits but only to warn you that your days are numbered on the platform if you don’t switch to the official WhatsApp app.

At least, they do offer us in their Help Center a guide to switch to Official WhatsApp keeping our chats and histories intactmanual that to facilitate we link you directly here:

“WhatsApp does not endorse the use of these third-party applications because it is not possible to validate their security practices.”

This does not affect Apple too much, because once the applications are removed from the App Store in iOS everything is controlledbecause the Cupertino operating system itself blocks the installation of external applications unless we do jailbreak to our iPhone. Definitely, on Android it has always been easier to install apps from anywhere regardless of sources, so be careful.

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