WhatsApp Web New Features, Releases Search Filters for Chats, Contacts, to WA Groups


TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Check that there are new whatsapp web features, the release of search filters for chats, contacts, and WA groups.

Previously, WhatsApp had introduced the ability to filter chats to business accounts in previous versions of WhatsApp.

Now, they are working on bringing the same features to standard WhatsApp accounts in future WhatsApp beta updates for Android, iOS, and including WhatsApp Web.

Last year, WhatsApp released advanced search filters for business accounts in the WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and the Web, adding some simple filters to quickly find specific chats.

This feature is limited to businesses, so standard WhatsApp accounts can’t filter chats using this feature, but something will change in a future WhatsApp update:

Illustration of new feature of search filter on WA Web.
Illustration of new feature of search filter on WA Web. (WA Beta Info)

As seen in the screenshot quoted from WA Beta Info, the filter button is visible to business accounts when tapping the search bar on WhatsApp Web.

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Thanks to this feature, WhatsApp makes it easy to search for unread chats, contacts, non-contacts and groups.

Standard WhatsApp accounts will also be able to use the same feature in future app updates, but there’s another difference: the filter button will always be visible even when not searching for chats and messages.

Note that, although the screenshot is taken from WhatsApp Web, the feature will also be released in a future WhatsApp beta update for Android and iOS.

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Also, this new search filter feature has been released to everyone after installing WhatsApp UWP beta version 2.2216.4.0.

Unfortunately, this feature is under development for standard WhatsApp accounts and will be released in a future update.

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