WhatsApp Tries Filter Feature to Easily Find Chats



User WhatsApp now you can easily search for chats up to certain files using the Search or Search feature. It doesn’t stop there, WhatsApp is currently developing the Filter feature to make the chat search process easier.

Actually, this chat filter feature has been rolled out for business WhatsApp accounts since last year. This feature is available on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Desktop but of course it cannot be accessed by regular WhatsApp users.

Now the feature is being prepared for all WhatsApp users, not just business users. Currently the feature is still under development but WABetaInfo has already shared a snippet.

From the screenshot uploaded by WABetaInfo, it appears that there is a new icon on the right side of the search bar. When clicked, the inverted pyramid-shaped icon will display four categories of chats, namely unread, from contacts, from non-contacts, and groups.

Display the Advanced Chat Filter feature on WhatsAppDisplay of Advanced Chat Filter features on WhatsApp Photo: WABetaInfo

Users can choose one of the four categories after entering the keywords they want to search for. The screenshot also shows one difference between the filter features for business accounts and standard accounts.

On account WhatsApp business, the filter icon only appears if the user opens the search bar. Whereas in standard accounts, the icon is moved to the front so it can be accessed even when not looking for chats and messages.

Although this screenshot is taken from the WhatsApp Desktop beta, WABetaInfo says this feature will also be available for WhatsApp beta Android and iOS in future updates, as quoted by detikINET, Thursday (12/5/2022).

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For WhatsApp users who can’t wait to try this feature, don’t worry. The reason is, this filter feature is already available in WhatsApp beta UWP version 2.2216.4.0 which was released two weeks ago.

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