WhatsApp Tests New WA Status Display on Android, Here’s the Design


KOMPAS.com – WhatsApp (WA) updates WA Status to a limited number of beta users using Android devices. This update is a minor overhaul in the interface design (user interface/UI) WhatsApp Status.

More specifically, this minor overhaul only appears on the WA Status view when you want to write text, not upload photos or videos. Based on monitoring KompasTeknosome WhatsApp users have received the WA Status feature update.

This feature update is already present in WhatsApp beta version So, what does the new WA Status look like and how does it compare to the old version of WhatsApp Status?

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In the new WA Status view, there is a layout shift as seen in the image below.

Layout differences between the old (left) and new (right) views of WhatsApp Status. Kompas.com/Wahyunanda Kusuma Layout differences between the old (left) and new (right) views of WhatsApp Status.

The emoji, text, and color palette icons that were previously on the bottom left have now moved to the top right. While at the bottom left, it is now inhabited by the “caption view” menu or “who can see WA Status updates” settings.

If you tap on that option, the user will be directed to the settings for which contacts can see your WA Status. There are three available options and they are still the same as before, namely:

  • My contacts: WA Status can only be seen in the account whose contacts you have saved
  • My contacts, except…: all your saved contacts can see WA Status, except excluded contacts
  • Share only with…: WA status can only be seen by selected contacts who are allowed.
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With this change, it will be easier for users to manage who is allowed to see their WA Status. Previously, how to set up contacts who can see our WhatsApp Status, has not been that simple.

In the old version, the user had to set it through the settings menu first.
Then, the user must go to the “Account” menu > “Privacy” > “Status” > select the option of who can see WA status updates.

This “caption view” change is also seen when users want to upload photos or videos on WhatsApp Status.

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Check whether the new WA Status display has appeared or not

Collected KompasTekno from WA Beta InfoFriday (13/5/2022), this new look of WhatsApp Status is only available for Beta version users who use Android devices.