WhatsApp postponed the new Privacy Policy deadline date to May 15; Explaining changes Details


Since the day WhatsApp announced its changes to its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, WhatsApp has faced a lot of strong backlash from its users.

WhatsApp delays new Privacy Policy due date480.webp” have expressed their disapproval and some have even recommended alternatives. As a result, rivals like Telegram and Signal have seen millions of downloads recently. To end it, WhatsApp has now provided an explanation and postponed the cut-off date.

WhatsApp tweeted that it was working continuously to resolve confusion about user message privacy and Account suspension. Through a post from the Whatsapp blog, it has now announced the extension of the cut-off date to 15 May 2021.

In addition, WhatsApp clearly says that it will not delete anyone’s account on February 8 which is the last date for users to receive the new update changes.

By the way, in case you weren’t aware, WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy and terms of service. Hence, it added a new section on business chat and data sharing with other Facebook companies.

However, People started spreading the news that WhatsApp got access to Private messages and location. For this, WhatsApp now says that they are protected by end-to-end encryption and no Facebook/WhatsApp can access them.

Tweet Whatsapp174005.jpg” also said he would continue to follow the things he had done before as below:

  • No access to user’s private messages by WhatsApp / Facebook
  • WhatsApp doesn’t save Message logs/call info.
  • WhatsApp / Facebook can’t see your Shared Location.
  • WhatsApp doesn’t share your contacts with Facebook.
  • WhatsApp Groups are Private.
  • Download your data locally any time.

Even so, WhatsApp still supports the update changes related to Business, Payments, and simultaneously Facebook assistance. To be precise, some businesses that use Facebook’s hosting services may also run on WhatsApp. WhatsApp will label them separately so you can choose whether to chat with them or not.

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More about Finding businesses from Facebook/Instagram Ads and using their shopping experience on WhatsApp. Simply put, the update doesn’t include sharing info like private messages, contacts & location to Facebook.

However, WhatsApp is now delaying the date to accept the terms. During this period, we expect more details on privacy in the future before the business option goes into effect on May 15th.