WhatsApp Error? Check out these 5 steps to solve it


Liputan6.com, Jakarta – WhatsApp is one of the applications chat the most popular and widely used in Indonesia. This application belonging to Meta is often the mainstay of smartphone users to send messages.

However, there are times when this application can not run properly. Sometimes, one of the problems that users face is having trouble connecting to the WhatsApp service or not being able to send messages.

Then, another problem that also sometimes appears is not being able to open the WhatsApp application. Some cases of WhatsApp error itself can actually be handled independently by you.

Therefore, Tekno Liputan6.com share tips to solve problems that may occur on WhatsApp as quoted from Android AuthorityTuesday (10/5/2022).

1. Close and Reopen the App

One simple way to solve a problematic WhatsApp, you can close and reopen the application.

This method is usually able to return the function of the application to the beginning and solve the problem that appears.

2. Update App

Another way you can do is to check if there are any updates available for the WhatsApp application and update immediately. Because, updates usually released with a number of updates to address bugs in an application.

3. Restart Smartphone

One other powerful way that you can use to solve WhatsApp problems is to restart it smartphone.

This method is one of the options that are usually used to solve problems in smartphone.

4. Check your Internet

After trying some of the methods above, there is a possibility that your internet network has a problem, so you can’t connect to WhatsApp. For that, you can try to access other services and ensure your internet connection.

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5. Check WhatsApp Conditions

In addition to the methods above, it is also possible that WhatsApp is experiencing problems. Therefore, you can check this information on other platforms and confirm if it is indeed an application chat it cannot be used.

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