WhatsApp can be used on two phones at once

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

WhatsApp reportedly will add the latest features in the application, namely the multiphone feature that allows users to use one account on two phones or tablets.

Reportedly, the application made by Brian Acton is currently in the testing phase of the multiphone feature. Some WhatsApp beta users shared screenshots of feature trial signup instructions.

A screenshot shows the user has instructions for registering the device to be used as a ‘companion’ device in order to later scan the code on the main phone.

Based on the screenshot, it can be seen that registration instructions appear on WhatsApp Beta version, according to reports WA Beta Info.

Previously, through the WhatsAPp Beta trial, the developer tested a feature called Multi-device 2.0. This feature allows messages on two devices to be synchronized with each other.

Through these two findings, it may be considered a symbol of using a WhatsApp account on many devices to get stronger. Moreover, there are two features that make it easy for users to access on various devices.

Quoted The Verge, the multiphone feature is found in the WhatsApp Beta version for Android. Thus, it is hoped that this feature will be present for mobile and tablet devices.

Although there has been a lot of news about the multiphone feature, until now WhatsApp has not confirmed the existence of the feature that most users have been waiting for.

In addition, there is no information that shows this feature will also be present on iOS devices.

New features that go into beta are generally released to the public a few weeks after testing. But sometimes some features get canceled due to some reasons.

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For information, WhatsApp currently supports use for multiple devices at once or Multi-Device.

Before this feature was released, users needed to always be connected to their cellphones if they wanted to use WhatsApp on other devices such as WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Web.

This multi-device feature, which was released in November 2021, allows users to use various devices that are already connected to the account, without requiring the phone to be active.


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