what to do and why is this happening?


lost ark not working

Are you having problems trying to connect to any of the Lost Ark servers? don’t you “break your head” trying to find solutions, because today Lost Ark is one of the most unstable online games in the world.

Despite the fact that Lost Ark is a video game that has received a millionaire investment from Amazon, things look like they haven’t been polished properly. Although its launch was a complete success, the problems did not take long to tell. “Present” when millions of people tried to connect to the servers.

Why do the Lost Ark servers go down all the time?

lost ark server problems

Unfortunately, there is still no official statement from Amazon Games that explains why the lost ark servers are so unstable.

Moreover, from the official accounts that Lost Ark has in the different social networks, they have explained that issues causing the game to be unstable are related to scheduled maintenance and improvements which take place almost daily.

Analyzing those communications, we can say almost officially that Lost Ark does not work correctly because their servers do not have the capacity to support the more than 5 million users who have downloaded the game.

What can be done to play Lost Ark smoothly?

Play Lost Ark smoothly

Before we show you what they are the steps you can take to play this game without encountering connection errorsyou have to make sure that your PC and Internet connection do not cause “interruptions” when opening Lost Ark.

To rule out that the problem is related to your equipment or Internet provider, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Open all ports on your router so that the game can work correctly.
  • Measure the speed of your Internet connection, excuse me? With these apps. If the metrics indicate less than 20 MB/s download and less than 2 MB/s upload, you will not be able to have a satisfactory gaming experience (30 MB/s download and 4 MB/s upload minimum recommended).
  • Try to meet the minimum requirements.
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If both your computer and your Internet connection are fine, you’ll need to check the status of Lost Ark servers. To do this, you must enter the Lost Ark server status section. There you will be able to know which are the servers that are having problems, as well as which are the ones that are operational.

In the event that all the servers are down or undergoing maintenance, you will not be able to do anything at all, since It only remains to wait for these servers to be online again.

Without anything else to add about it, if you got here because the game is not working and the servers are down, we recommend that you take a look at these alternatives to Lost Ark for Android.