What is the Pure Mode of Xiaomi mobiles for?


What is the pure mode of Xiaomi phones for?

With the official presentation of MIUI 13, all the details of this new version of Xiaomi’s customization layer were known. And one of the things that has caught our attention the most is the Pure Mode that the mobiles of the Chinese brand will begin to incorporate when they update to MIUI 13. Do you want to know what this mode is for? Well, we’ll tell you right away.

What is the Pure Mode of Xiaomi mobiles for?

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This mode that the brand launches with MIUI 13 consists of a set of 4 new security features and privacy. These have as main objective the detection of possible threats and malicious files that the apps that are installed on the mobile may have.

The Pure Mode will not be enabled by default, but the user can activate or deactivate it whenever they want. However, most likely, everyone who has a Xiaomi with MIUI 13 wants to have this mode activated. Why? Well, the brand guarantees that will offer a significant privacy improvement and protect user data. The 4 functions that make up the Pure Mode are as follows:

  • Privacy alerts: This tool will be in charge of alerting when an app tries to extract information or data from the user, informing them about said lack of privacy policies.
  • Anti virus: Like antivirus for computers, this function will scan each of the apps that are installed on the phone regardless of whether they are from an unknown source or downloaded from Google Play.
  • Compatibility: In this case, it is a function capable of evaluating if there is any kind of compatibility problem between the application you want to install and your device.
  • Manual review: To optimize security when downloading apps, this tool will only allow the installation of applications that have been reviewed manually, that is, by a real person and not by a computer.
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When will this mode come to Xiaomi mobiles?

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At the moment, Pure Mode it is only available for Chinese users who have received it with the latest update of the customization layer. In the rest of the world we will have to wait for the arrival of MIUI 13 Global. Still don’t know if your Xiaomi will update to this new version? Well, take a look at this article about the list of the first Xiaomi that will update to MIUI 13.

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