What is My TV+? How it works and why you should install it for free


Features My TV Plus

Xiaomi has more than 85 product brands, in addition to multiple digital platforms. Even so, Xiaomi launched a couple of months ago Mi TV + and today we are going to explain some of its most important features.

Take into account that My TV+ is a free streaming service with which you can watch multiple programs.

How it works and reasons to install Mi TV+

Despite the fact that there are multiple streaming apps like Plex, which seeks to be all streaming apps in one, new applications are constantly coming out. In this case, Mi TV+ is a couple of months oldbut it still draws people’s attention.

As we have said before, the Mi TV+ service is free, so you can enjoy the 60 channels it offers, without having to pay. In addition, to use this app you do not need to register or log in. So, you only need to download its app to enjoy all the channels it offers you.

My TV Plus

My TV+ has sports, lifestyle, science, news, comedy, etc. channels. In addition, among the programming that the Mi TV + channels have, there are reality shows, documentaries, series and movies. Either way, on this streaming service you will not find fresh content.

So, Mi TV+ is not an excellent option, but being free, it is an interesting option. Take into account that to enjoy the content of Mi TV + you only have to download its app from Google Play on your smart TV.

One thing to consider about Mi TV+ is that some of its content providers may have access to your device’s usage data. Also, you should know that this streaming service has ads. Also, since the content on Mi TV+ is live, you cannot pause or rewind the playback.

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On the other hand, as in any streaming service, the quality of the content you play varies depending on the quality of your internet connection. It is also important that you consider that not all the content on Mi TV+ is available in Spanish. In any case, My TV + is a very interesting option and it is also free.