What is MIUI optimization in Xiaomi? Should you disable it?


MIUI Optimization

Even though we have previously explained how to roll back to a previous version of MIUI and even how to convert your MIUI ROM to AOSP, you may still have some doubts about MIUI. For example, Do you already know what MIUI optimization is? If you still don’t know, you can rest easy because Today we will explain what MIUI optimization is and whether or not you should disable it.

What is MIUI optimization?

Although the Redmi Note 10 receives its first AOSP-based ROM, most Xiaomi phones have MIUI, so, most Xiaomi terminals have MIUI optimization. Please note that MIUI optimization is a hidden function of Xioami devices that have MIUI.

In fact, MIUI optimization is found in the developer options of Xiaomi mobiles. Furthermore, until recently, turning off MIUI optimization was seen as a positive thing. However, turning off MIUI optimization is currently not recommended because it makes MIUI stop using certain features.

In a nutshell, when you disable MIUI optimization you lose some functions interesting, so the quality of the interface drops. But, Why exactly is it not recommended to disable MIUI optimization?

What is MIUI optimization

Disabling MIUI optimization is not recommended

The MIUI optimization feature is designed to be used for developers to do some testing. In fact, turning off MIUI optimization might cause your Xiaomi device to start having some issues.

For example, turning off MIUI optimization can cause system gestures and floating windows to be disabled. Also, disabling this feature of MIUI may cause interface display issues, app permission issues, loss of some contacts, and multitasking optimization issues.

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Note that many of the problems caused by disabling MIUI optimization causes the battery to consume more than normal. So, if the battery of your Xiaomi mobile does not last long, it is possible that you have this function deactivated. In any case, it is important that you remember that this function is activated on all Xiaomi mobiles that have MIUI.