Want to be good at playing Clash Royale, Check out Tips and Tricks to be a Pro Player


INTERNATIONAL MEDIA – Maybe it’s been a long game Clash Royale This game is here, but there is nothing wrong if you are new to trying to play this game. Squel from COC is very interesting to play.

Clash Royale has more than 100 million users who have downloaded. 26 million reviews earning 4.3 stars on the app provider platform Google Play Store. Those are the various achievements of Clash Royale game which makes it worthy for you to play.

This game developed and published by the company Supercell was released in March 2016. And it only took five years for Clash Royale to steal the attention of gamers from all over the world. Making this game one of the most played games.

What’s amazing, until it becomes one of the branches eSports in several regional and international international competitions!

The number of visitors that continues to increase certainly makes information about Clash Royale never ending. Well, for those of you who are still beginners, below will be explained in more detail about Clash Royale tips and tricks, card combinations that you can play, and the best decks that can be prepared.

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In addition, to add insight, it will also be explained gameplay from the game that received a lot of positive responses in Google PlayStore this. Immediately see the description below, yes.

Clash Royale Gameplay

In this game, you as a player must destroy enemy defense towers. By controlling enemy territory by destroying towers, you can get victory.

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However, the game will not feel tense without a challenge. And in this strategy game, there are several challenges that you must overcome.