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Update Honkai Impact 3 v5.7 [Song of Perdition] Ready to Release on May 19, 2022


Update Honkai Impact 3 v5.7. (Hoyoverse)

Hitekno.com – Honkai Impact 3 will soon get a new content update in May 2022. Namely through the Honkai Impact 3 v5.7 update which is prepared to launch on May 19, 2022.

In this update there will be two new characters, namely Aponia who is a MANTIS soldier with the strongest psychic abilities and Eden who is a symbol of the triumph of the culture of the Past Era, who will become the Captain’s comrade in battle.

In addition, the secrets hidden in the World of Elysia will also be revealed soon, the separate storylines will eventually reunite in the future. New events, new outfits, and abundant prizes will also be present with this update.

Honkai Impact 3 is a game from the Hoyoverse set in a modern world ravaged by a mysterious energy known as Honkai. The brave girls who carry the anti-Honkai genome called the Valkyrie fight the spread of the Honkai disaster and fight for all that is beautiful in the world.

Since its launch on mobile devices, Honkai Impact 3 is loved by players from all over the world, and has repeatedly achieved the highest ratings on the App Store and Google Play.

At the end of 2019, the PC version of Honkai Impact 3 was released and can be played with one account for all platforms, thereby attracting more players from all over the world. And regularly continue to get updates from Hoyoverse.

Update Honkai Impact 3 v5.7.  (Hoyoverse)
Update Honkai Impact 3 v5.7. (Hoyoverse)

Aponia which has recently made a stunning debut, will bring the fateful judgment of sinners in a new version. His Disciplinary Perdition is a BIO type long range S-Rank Battlesuit dealing Lightning DMG, he uses Chakram as his weapon.

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This MANTIS warrior with the strongest psychic ability not only had a holy impression, but also a strong impression of oppression. Unlike the other characters who have a passionate gaze, Aponia’s eyes are often in a half-closed state, perhaps in order to get a better feel for the “threads of destiny”.

Aponia’s outfit has a distinctive hood and thorn design, while her skirt is as beautiful as butterfly wings studded with cross-shaped jewels, adding to her sacred and charming vibe.

On the battlefield, he can launch consecutive lightning strikes at nearby enemies and launch [Inhibitor’s Adjudication] to soar into the air and bring forth unstoppable judgment.

Another one who also debuted together with Aponia is [Golden Diva] Eden. As a musician from the Past Era, Eden’s fighting style is very mature and agile.

Update Honkai Impact 3 v5.7.  (Hoyoverse)
Update Honkai Impact 3 v5.7. (Hoyoverse)

This IMG-type long-range SP battlesuit that causes Lightning DMG will play music on the battlefield in a unique style to provide battle support to party members. The beautiful melody he played would also be his final attack.

v5.7 storyline will center on Elysia and The Thirteen Flame-Chaser, this new chapter will also open [Dunia Elysia Abadi]. Captains can choose between Story mode or Map Exploration to avoid a disrupted gameplay experience due to the appearance of side stories.

In addition, optional events [Shattered Dimensions] will be unlocked in the new version, by following events and defeating [Latent Hunter]players can get abundant rewards, including Bright Knight Outfit: Excelsis [Gale Hunter], [Golden Diva] Fragments, Crystals! In the new version there will also be a Shopping Event [Toko Felis]Captains can unlock Crates or purchase selected Bundles in exchange for the new Reverist Calico Outfit [Spectral Claws]!

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Update Honkai Impact 3 v5.7 [Song of Perdition] will be released on iOS, Android, and PC on May 19, 2022. Have you been waiting for this Hoyoverse game update?