Unique Rhythm Game ‘Rotaeno’ Ensures Release This Month for Mobile!


Seeing the dominance of the rhythm genre that continues to grow rapidly on the mobile platform, the challenge of making new games that are more unique is certainly increasingly felt by many developers. As an effort to develop more innovative projects, Dream Engine Games developers with the help of XD Network have poured their creativity through a rhythm game called Rotaeno which is scheduled to be released on 30 May.

Unique Rhythm Game 'Rotaeno' Ensures Release This Month for Mobile!

Although it was only actively introduced last year, the game itself has gone through the development stage long enough to be able to realize its unique gameplay concept. So different from similar games on the market, Roateno is the first mobile rhythm game to use a gyroscope control scheme. So the gameplay system presented not only requires players to press the rhythm Tile that appears, but also controls their smartphone in various directions to follow the rhythm of the music being played.

The system that has never existed in any rhythm game is the main selling point and the reason why there are so many fans of the genre. The developer even involves various well-known composers to mix the best quality music that will be presented exclusively in this game. If you are curious about the full appearance of the game, you can visit the channel YouTube them to see the various unique gameplay videos that have been uploaded over the past year.

So like the information above, Rotaeno is finally ready to be released for Android and iOS on 30 May. Not only Japan and China, the good news is that this game will be released in English. In addition, you can download the game later via third-party platforms TapTap.

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