Twitter’s New Policy Reduces Duplicate Tweet Spam

8, Jakarta – Twitter has announced a new policy in the form of “Copypasta and Duplicate Content”. This feature is useful for clarifying how the Twitter platform works in the fight against spam and duplicate content.

Context copypasta refers to the efforts of some individuals to duplicate content from the original source and share it widely. Twitter first announced it in August 2020. They will limit the visibility of Tweets copypasta.

In addition, Twitter also highlights what is considered a violation and what actions are taken to limit the visibility of the violation. One example of a violation is nearly identical or identical content Tweeted by one account or multiple accounts.

Another example is duplicate or copy-pasted tweets that Twitter says will “disrupt the experience of others”. Twitter notes that it will not limit the visibility of retweets or tweets that include existing content alongside unique content or comments.

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If Twitter finds the violation, it will make the Tweets created by the user unable to be displayed in the Top Search and Trending results, because they are deemed not to meet the requirements set by Twitter.

In addition, Twitter will also not recommend tweets in the timeline of users who do not follow the account that sent the Tweet.

Tweets may also be downranked in replies and excluded from email recommendations. Twitter says that duplicate content or copypasted Tweets remain visible to users who follow the Tweet’s author.

On Twitter, copypasta or duplicate content can be blocks of text, images or a combination of content that has been copied and pasted, or duplicated in any way across platforms.

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Twitter has outlined on its support page for the new policy. Although copypasta or duplicate content is a tactic to spread a message, and is used for a variety of purposes, it can be repetitive, spammy, and disrupt people’s experience on Twitter.

Twitter notes that duplicate content can also be used to artificially amplify content and possibly manipulate the platform’s Trends and Top Search results.

Even though Tweet copypasta or their own duplicates do not lead to Tweet deletion or account suspension, they will still be subject to review and enforcement under Twitter’s platform manipulation and spam policies.

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An example of where Twitter may move toward permanent deletion or suspicion is when accounts use automation or scripts to post duplicate content.

Another example where Twitter can take action is when the bulk of the account content consists mostly of duplicate content.

Anyone on Twitter can report a potential policy violation by selecting the “Report Tweet” option available via the three-dot menu next to the tweet.

Users will be asked to select the option that best describes how suspicious or spamming a tweet is.