Turn your toilet into a smart one with these Xiaomi seats on sale


xiaomi smartmi smart toilet seat sale tomtop

Like everyone else, surely you also have a well-defined process that you follow every time you go to the bathroom to relieve yourself. Also, we could bet you’re pretty comfortable with him, but What if we told you that you can have a much more comfortable and pleasant experience?

Thanks to technology today you can turn your toilet into a smart device that will make your life much easier and more hygienic. What are we talking about? Of the smart lids for toilet Xiaomi Smartmi that are on promotion on TomTop right now. You want to know more? Sure you do, because one walk to the bathroom with full service and without touching the toilet sure it will be worth it if you only have to invest €268 or a little more.

Go to the bathroom and come out with everything perfectly clean thanks to the Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat for €268

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat offer tomtop

The Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat is a cover to convert your standard toilet into a smart one in a simple and economical way. Its size makes it compatible for most toilets, in addition to having a ceramic white color that adapts very well to almost any interior design. But, what is it that makes it so special? The lot of functionalities that it has:

  • Wash and dry function: using water and hot air.
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature: with 4 different levels for a more comfortable cleaning.
  • feminine cleaning: thanks to its lateral nozzle that allows a complete genital washing.
  • massage mode: with hot and cold water that stimulates blood circulation in the area.
  • Hip Wash: which moves the nozzle from front to back for a deeper cleaning.
  • Presence sensor: which prevents the toilet from starting if no one is using it.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles: with water and UV light for a much more complete sterilization.
  • antimicrobial coating: that protects from 99.9% of bacteria.
  • PP cotton external filter: 20 microns to prevent the passage of impurities and sediments.
  • Night light: for easy use in the dark thanks to its LED lighting.
  • cushioned fall: with hinges that prevent the seat from falling hard on the toilet.
  • wired control: with IPX4 protection to prevent accidents if it gets wet.
  • 1190W rated power which ensures that the water temperature changes immediately.
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And other additional features that you will discover once you have this Xiaomi seat at home. As extra data you should know that this toilet requires a 220 V plug to work, it currently has a discount of 51% and ships free from TomTop’s European warehouse.

The Xiaomi Smartmi Toilet Cover Pro is the definitive seat for your WC, it is compatible with your mobile and costs €348

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Cover Pro discount tomtop

If the previous model seemed amazing to you, then the Toilet Cover Pro will impress you. Why do we say it? Because it has the same functions as the Smart Toilet Seat, but adds several extra features that are brutal:

  • Lid closes and opens automatically: thanks to its proximity sensor that will detect your presence.
  • deodorant function: that eliminates bad odors once you finish using the toilet, or before.
  • side drive: which allows you to control the basic functions of the seat.
  • Premium mixed wash: Mixing water and air simultaneously for low stimulation cleaning.
  • Wi-Fi wireless controller: with IPX4 protection to prevent accidents if it gets wet.
  • Compatible with My Home: to control its use from Android and iOS mobiles.

Did this Pro version convince you more? Surely yes, and seeing that it costs only €348 thanks to its 36% discount you’ll want to take it home right now. Remember that it includes free shipping from Germany and do not think too much because someone else could take this seat off your hands, since it is a offer limited to only 63 units.


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