Trying the Global Version of Time Defenders, Looks Like It Wants To Be Different, It’s Even So Complicated


Games with the concept of tower defense are indeed familiar to gamers, especially when combined with anime and RPG styles. Its popularity has skyrocketed since Arknights. Not only that, Vespa is also trying to compete by releasing Time Defenders globally with various improvised features and visual quality.

Time Defenders itself has been officially released globally, but is not yet available in Indonesia and may only follow at a later date. But what is clear, we have tasted it first and we will review it through an impression article here. Curious what the game is like? Let’s see!


Time Defenders is a tactical / tower defense RPG game that takes place in the futuristic world of Japan in the year 2034. The world in this game is hit by an invasion by a mysterious race of creatures named “Ordo” that appears from a different dimension. Although your initial mission in this game is only to save your loved ones, but a new destiny finally brings the main character to join the Time Defenders organization.

The characters shown themselves are quite numerous and varied, not only focusing on one character who is the center. Without further spoilers, we think the story is very easy to digest and not too complicated, because the target market is mobile, which is mostly casual gamers. Interestingly, each storyline is described and filled by voice actors, not just text.

Gameplay Offered

We dare say that the gameplay offered by Time Defenders is much more difficult when compared to Arknights. If Arknights only focuses on the grids that have been provided, Time Defenders has grids to place your character’s position which is more diverse and flexible, so character placement can be very crucial here.

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Oh yes, talking about placing characters, the areas or maps provided are also very varied, not just boxes, as we mentioned above, wider, sometimes you will fight in a supermarket, sometimes on the streets, sometimes in buildings.

In addition to thinking about how to place the character’s position, you also have to think about the cost of removing the character. Cost here is quite difficult to obtain and requires a character with a low rarity to survive at the beginning of the fight.

In every battle, you can immediately bring 12 characters, which in our opinion is quite confusing to want to get out which character when you start playing. Besides that, you have to use skills manually, because the camera angle is too wide, I have to really focus on controlling the various characters.


Improvisation is important, at least not to look the same as its competitors. However, in our opinion, the improvisation in this progress section is quite excessive, there are too many “aspects” to consider when upgrading. At least each character has these elements to become stronger:

  • Awakening
  • Imprint
  • Limit Break
  • Skill Leveling
  • Equipment

I take the example in the Awakening section which can increase the character’s ability quite massively, because it can open new skills. To do so, you need at least a Character Shard which can only be obtained when gacha and getting duplicate characters.

Besides that, the striking difference is the equipment. So just not gacha or just getting a character, you will also be required to get equipment to strengthen your character.

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Visual Quality

What is the advantage of Time Defenders is its visual quality which also comes in 3D, not 2D or just artwork. But in my opinion, the quality of the 3D graphics it has seems old school, it feels like their game, King’s Raid, is out of date. Very far when compared to Honkai Impact 3, let alone Genshin Impact.


As for the gacha part, we don’t have any exaggeration or praise. Feels neutral. For example, the gacha rate they offer, 3% for the highest rarity SSR, 10% for SR, 40% for R, and 47% for N. The rate itself in my opinion is not too small or not too big either.

On the other hand, there is also Pity Rate whose system is almost similar to other games such as Blue Archive for example. When you have done 200x gacha, players can choose one of the characters in the banner. But keep in mind that pity cannot be combined, meaning that each banner has its own Pity Rate, so it must focus on one particular banner.


I have to appreciate that Vespa tries to offer something different from its competitors even though it uses more or less the same concept. There are various improvements ranging from more complex gameplay mechanics, more complicated progressions, to visual quality that supports 3D.

However, in my opinion, various improvisations can also become a boomerang. For example, complex gameplay may be considered by people to be too complicated and even lazy to play it, or the quality of 3D graphics is still unsatisfactory and seems out of date.

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Time Defenders has been released globally for Android and iOS. For gamers in Indonesia, unfortunately it is not yet officially available and can only be downloaded via QooApp. If you’re curious, you can check out our impressions article HERE who have tried the Japanese version first.

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Time Defenders

Publisher: Vespa

Developer: Vespa

Release Date: 2022-04-20

Mobile Games, Android, iOS

Time Defenders is a tactical / tower defense RPG game that takes place in the futuristic world of Japan in 2034. Meanwhile, the gameplay concept is Tower Defense RPG with 3D graphic quality and charming anime artwork.