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Tower of Fantasy Allegedly Plagiarized Again For Its New Trailer


Tower of Fantasy has become one that is selling well even though it has just been released in China. The game basically does offer a fairly solid quality for the size of a mobile game. However, besides the quality of Tower of Fantasy there is so much drama and controversy, one of which is about plagiarism.

Tower of Fantasy was caught again suspected of plagiarism for their Promotional Video recently. Unfortunately, the plagiarism is done by taking content created by content creators who are still relatively small. You can see it for yourself below.

The Tower of Fantasy promotional video is suspected of plagiarizing content made by a small studio called Hurry!. Fortunately, quite a lot of netizens realized it and gave moral support to the studio. Until now, the Tower of Fantasy still has not spoken about this issue.

Lately, the name Tower of Fantasy continues to be tarnished by doing various plagiarism of various content. First of all, plagiarism is one of Honkai Impact 3’s assets used in the game. Second, there is also a drama about “nyolong” reviews on the App Store page to increase the game’s rating.

As we mentioned above, Tower of Fantasy actually already has a fairly good quality for the size of a mobile game. The game itself is selling well in China and has managed to get a lot of profit and may also be selling well if it is released globally. But if this continues, his name will be tarnished and many gamers don’t want to play it.

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Tower of Fantasy

Publisher: Perfect World Games

Developer: Hotta Studio

Release Date: 2021-12-16

Mobile Games, Android, iOS

Tower of Fantasy is a new MMORPG by Hotta Studio and Perfect World Games. The game development has been supported by large production values ​​to create an immersive and quality open-world gaming experience.