Top quality Surface lines, worth buying today


To be able to choose a laptop belonging to Surface series Its suitability and outstanding quality depend on many factors depending on the functions it provides. Below are samples of Microsoft’s Surface that promise to bring information about laptops to everyone.

What is Surface?

Surface Book is a line of computers with Windows operating system launched by Microsoft at the time many other laptops were released, first launched in the middle of the second quarter of 2012. Design with youthful style, light weight and compact.

What is Surface?  Where are the quality Surface lines?

Up to now, Surface lines have also produced many types on the market to upgrade and improve quality for users. With a unique design and orientation to become the benchmark for OEM Windows. It is also known as a tablet when disassembled and called a laptop when the body is attached.

Top Quality Surface Series

Currently, the Surface line has many different models and qualities. Most people have office-related jobs or jobs that carry removable machines that are easy to move. Here are some of the most popular Surface models today.

Surface laptop

Surface Laptop is known as the usual portable laptop and full of features and powerful configuration of this Surface Laptop. Besides, the touch on the screen like the phone is also easy to perform quick operations and combine the mouse to use it directly.

Surface laptop line has outstanding quality

Most of these lines are also suitable for business people to easily disassemble to carry with them, but the price is cheap and easy to buy. Accompanied by the advantages of thinness and functionality like a large laptop brings.

Surface Pro

Microsoft has invested a lot in the Surface Pro in terms of features and design with many highlights. The screen of the device is very beautiful, the style is soft and light, the tasks are performed quickly and smoothly, and the battery also has a high capacity to use for a long time. These are the latest models Microsoft has to offer.

Surface Pro ensures tasks run smoothly

Surface Go

One of the current Surface series, the device is called Surface Go with a very compact design but meets all the common functions that make users excited. Power banks can be charged through the device’s charging cord and outlet, making it easy to charge when the battery runs out.

Surface Go is designed to be compact and flexible

Has a rather small screen of only 10 inches that can touch and weighs 0.5kg. Along with the detachable keyboard, almost any Surface does. Therefore, it should be used flexibly depending on needs. The relatively low price is an advantage for many users, so during its launch, many people chose to buy it.

Surface Book

Surface lines including Surface Book manufacturers are quite focused on this product. Because it is capable of handling heavy tasks such as designing images and videos and can run some simple code. Upgraded to a strong configuration when connected to a body with a graphics card setup, the machine like a tiger growing wings will produce the expected working results.

Surface Book always ensures task responsiveness for users

Surface Studio

The line is now out of production, but back then this Surface Studio was an incredible machine. With the screen released by the company with the thinnest in the world at the time, it was convenient to move in a giant tablet. Display of extremely excellent parameters and color range and excellent working configuration has made thousands of people fall in love with it.

Surface Studio laptop series

What is the price of Surface?

Each line will have different prices, such as depending on the amount of capacity and configuration, the price will be set according to regulations, but also depending on the place of sale, different capacity and Intel Core series.

  • Surface Laptop: ranges from 20 to 55 million VND
  • Surface Go: ranges from 15-25 million VND
  • Surface Pro: 22 – 40 million VND
  • Surface Book: 28 – 110 million VND

Should I buy Surface models?

Although compared to today, the price of Surface will be quite high compared to other brands on the market today. Most Surface models are intended for business people and those who work for foreign companies will need the efficient functions that this machine offers.

With easy to disassemble and touch on the screen will be a very outstanding advantage, so many people will buy Surface machines for easy manipulation at work. Therefore, if there is a suitable and necessary economy for your needs, you should own this Surface machine.

The place to buy absolute and quality Surface lines

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Here is the whole Surface series Along with the price of each line for people to learn and choose whether to buy a Surface or not and which line to buy, this article has clarified the issues that people wonder.

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