Top 9 Medication & Pill Organizer Apps: Remember Your Dose


According to the World Health Organization, 50% of people who suffer from a chronic disease do not comply with their treatment adequately. Usually the cause of this is forgetting to take the necessary medication.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is in the palm of your hand (literally), since with the help of some apps that you can download to your mobile you won’t have to worry about forgetfulness when taking your medications.

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These types of applications are essential for both patients and doctors, since they contribute to the health monitoring in addition to organize medication intake.

Here we will tell you about some of the medication reminder apps best rated by users within the Play Store.

Best medication reminder apps

  • Medisafe
  • lady pill reminder
  • My Therapy
  • Med control
  • medication reminder
  • Medication time!
  • pill reminder
  • pill reminder
  • My Medication


This is one of the most reputable apps in the Play Store and it has several features that make it one of the most useful.

As usually happens with apps of this type, to start you must record medications what the patient needs to remember and can then be schedule the shots of each.

With Medisafe you can take the control of each medication and the doseyou can also choose an icon for each medication, which allows you to quickly identify it visually.

Another interesting feature is that it includes a glossary with the most common medications and a medicine taking history, so the app notifies when it’s time to buy the medication again before it runs out.

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An interesting tool of this app is Medifriend Alertthis function allows notifications between family members so that they are aware and help the patient to continue with the treatment properly.

Something else to note is that Medisafe can be connected to the Android smartwatch, it is free and it also offers premium features.

Lady Pill Reminder

Medication organization apps

Lady Pill Reminder is a medication reminder app for the birth control pill.

This app allows keep track of taking the contraceptive pill and has one of the highest ratings on the Play Store.

Among its most interesting features is the option to add two widgets to the mobile screen. One shows the day of the cycle in which you find yourself to know if you should take the pill or not and the other shows on the screen a calendar to see the planning of the shots.

Another interesting thing is that this app adapts to any type of pill, since the amount per container can be customized and it also shows the status of the tablet on the screen to be able to take visual control of the shots.

The app includes reminders diaries that are automatically deactivated on the day you don’t have to take the pill and also notify you when you need to buy a new pack.

This app is completely free and can be obtained from the Google Play Store.

My Therapy – Medication Reminder

Medication reminder app

My Therapy does more than remind you when to take your medications

This app is free and very complete to take not only the medication intake control without also the state of general health.

Among its main features we can see that it not only includes alarms and reminders for medicines, it also keeps track of missed and confirmed intakes.

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Its alarms are adapted to medications with different types of doses and it allows the inclusion of family members to help control them.

A very interesting and distinctive aspect is that you can wear a printable health journal to deliver to the doctor. Included in this journal medication records and dosage in addition to mood and symptom checks (useful for people with depression). In addition they can record weight, activity, and blood sugar checks (for those with diabetes).

Med Control

Medication control applications

Med Control helps you not to forget to take your medicines.

Med Control is another of the free apps that we can find to help us in the control of medication intake.

Main features include reminders for all kinds of medicines, not only in advance but also at the exact time of taking it. You can also take the dose control and the app shows how much time is left to take the next medication.

This app also shows the daily status of medical treatment.

It is worth clarifying that in addition to being completely free, no registration is required to use this app.

Medication Reminder

Best apps to organize medications

Medication Reminder also works as a symptom tracker.

This app has several very useful features that distinguish it from others. It works for both medication management and symptom tracking (such as headache).

Not only can compliance with medication intake be controlled, but vitamins and supplements, activity, nutrition, heart rate, therapies, pregnancy and baby symptoms, etc. can also be monitored.

Includes a database of drugs and supplements.

You can program the medication reminders and print graphical reports of the entered records.

To add a new medication, simply take a photo of the doctor’s prescription.

Medical appointments can be saved and shared.

Compatible with wearable devices, it works with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Includes shot and vaccination record.

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All these features are completely free, you can get additional premium features for a monthly payment of USD 6.99 or annual payment of USD 59.99.

Medication Time!

medication reminder

With this app you will no longer forget to take your medicines.

This app allows you to control and configure reminders for different types of medications and different days, either continuously or not.

Supports different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

It is completely free.

This application can be combined with MD-Vademecum, an Android app that includes information on medicines and diseases.

Pill Reminder

Android medicine app

Always remember when to take your medications.

This app is free but also offers paid premium features.

It allows remember when to take medications and keep track of pills on the calendar.

Pill Reminder lets you know if you need to take a pill before or after meals.

Its functions include: registration of medication schedule, pill organizeralarms for the different medications and medication control.

Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker – TakeYourPills

This free medication tracker and reminder app has several useful features, such as setting different alarms and keeping track of medications to avoid missing a dose or overdosing.

An interesting fact is that it allows you to create multiple profiles to be able to control the medication intake of the whole family.

A very useful function is the overdose warning, this warning appears every time you try to record the intake of a drug dose that does not correspond to the parameters entered in the app.

The medicine record and reminder it can be programmed for a single time or repeatedly and allows them to be activated on specific days of the week.

It includes a history of takings to remember when was the last time a medicine was taken.

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My Medication

medication reminder

Take control of your medications very easily.

This app is very easy to use, to automatically create an alarm or reminder for each medication just upload the doctor’s instructions.

Include a record with the date and time of each shot.

If you are caring for an elderly person, you will be interested in the information we have compiled about the best applications for the elderly and their care.

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