Top 5 cheap Surface laptops, outstanding quality worth buying


Currently on the market there are many lines cheap Surface laptop There are many styles and segments for users to choose from. With many configurations, features and memory capacities at many different prices to suit the unique needs of each user.

Top 5 popular cheap Surface laptops

Here I will introduce 5 cheap Surface laptop models that are worth using for everyone to choose from. These are considered products that are highly appreciated for their efficiency and features.

Surface Pro 8″

The first in the line of cheap Surface laptops is the Surface Pro 8. Designed with a rounded square design at the edges, it feels comfortable to hold. Besides, the Surface Pro 8 is also equipped with a stand located at the back of the machine, which is very convenient when entertaining and watching movies.

Cheap Surface Pro 8 laptop worth buying

A special feature of this product line is that it is equipped with up to two USB Type-C Thunderbolt 4 ports and completely eliminates USB Type-A. In addition, the screen is also designed to be larger with high resolution, which can be used with manual touch or stylus. So this is a machine with high usability to meet all needs.

Surface Laptop Studio

The cheap Surface laptop model with a unique design that completely replaces the Surface Book is the Surface Laptop Studio. With a hinged screen that can be easily slid or folded down, it offers two options for users: can use a monolithic laptop or tablet when needed.

microsoft surface studio unique design

This is also considered a product line with outstanding power that is considered by the company to be the strongest when equipped with an 11th generation i7 processor and the included NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti discrete graphics card, so playing games The graphics are even more exciting.

Surface Pro X

Considered the difference in the low-cost Surface laptop line is the Surface Pro X when the design of this machine is a bit futuristic with less angular lines that look very modern. This is the company’s first chip-powered line that shortens boot time and reduces size significantly. However, the performance is still on par with CPU-using lines.

Pro X is a low-cost surface with outstanding quality

Surface Laptop 4

Surface Laptop 4 is an impressive line with a variety of color versions and screen options. Favored by the company, equipped with the most advanced CPUs to improve processing speed. This is also considered a product that is manufactured in a perfect way to make the machine capable of long-term use and durability. Is the optimal choice for those who plow a lot of work.

Surface Laptop 4 has impressive processing speed

Laptop Surface Go 3

The last in the line of cheap Surface laptops is the Surface Go 3 with a simple design with an average processor suitable for the needs of doing simple tasks. However, in the low-cost segment, this is still a device with full features such as: face recognition, LTE support, full connectivity system.

The machine line meets the user's tasks well

Where to buy cheap Surface laptops?

Come to the nearest CellphoneS store system to shop for yourself a laptop that suits your preferences. In addition, here will often have promotions during major holidays of the year. When shopping at CellphoneS, everyone is also supported by the staff.

Here are the Top 5 cheap Surface laptop trusted by everyone with its effectiveness. Depending on your pocket and usage needs, you can compare the above products to choose for yourself a suitable product. This is a very quality product line, so people can rest assured that the money spent will not be wasted.

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