Titipku Expands Market Coverage to Maximize Service


droidsnipe.com, Jakarta – Titipku has expanded its new market coverage in the Bekasi and Tangerang areas to maximize service. Titipku also continues to strive to provide the best service by providing a guarantee and access to applications for 24 hours.

In the era of digital shopping services as it is today, there are two important things that can influence customer decisions and satisfaction in addition to pricing and promotions. The two other important things are the warranty and the accessibility of the application.

Research from Shafayet Ullah from Southeast University and Rifayat Islam shows that warranty plays an important role in providing product guarantees and influencing consumer purchasing decisions.

Warranty is a source of market power not because of the actual repair service, but because it gives the customer the perception that the company is willing to make the necessary repairs.

Meanwhile, accessibility to applications is also important. Launching from Woocommerce, the process of accessing applications for each consumer is different.

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There are consumers who have been accessing the application for a long time because their area has not been touched by a good internet signal. In addition, there are also consumers who only have time to open the application at certain hours, and sometimes in the middle of the night.

Seeing the importance of these two factors, Titipku is committed to providing warranty features and providing applications that can be accessed by many customers.

“In addition to training Jatiper on how to choose products, we also continue to provide guarantees, considering that the products available at Titipku are mostly fresh products that are cheaply damaged or not fresh,” said Titipku’s Chief Marketing Officer, Faradhita Delicia in a short message received by droidsnipe.com (12/5).

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Meanwhile, Maylinda Permata Kasih (Mytha) as Manager of Customer Experience explained the steps for applying for a guarantee at Titipku.

“To apply for a guarantee, customers can contact the official Titipku Customer Service number to convey the condition of the purchased product along with a photo. If the conditions and photos are in accordance with the terms and conditions, the product will be returned/refunded according to the wishes of the consumerMytha.

“Products that can get a guarantee are products that are not fresh, wilted vegetable products, lack of gramation or product weight, and incomplete products. Our team will solve this problem a maximum of H+0 after there is a complaint,” added Mytha.

My tip can be accessed for 24 hours. Customers in the Greater Jakarta area can open the application and shop whenever they want.

In addition, customers can also determine the delivery time of their purchases. Later, it will be Jatiper who will follow the delivery time that the customer has set.

“Titipku application can be accessed anytime. It’s not a problem if you want to process groceries at midnight. However, the delivery time in the arrangement usually follows market operating hours,” said Mytha.

In addition to improving quality through warranty and application accessibility, Titipku also continues to expand its service range by adding services in new markets.

In April 2022 Titipku has also added services in four new markets in the Bekasi area and two new markets in the Tangerang area.

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Titipku’s Head of Merchant & Partnership (M&P), Yanuar Rusdianto, said that the markets in Bekasi and Tangerang that had just joined Titipku came from customer requests and the research results of the M&P team.

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“Titipku always listens to customers’ voices, therefore we take several additional market requests from customers to be taken into consideration for expanding our area. Of course, we visited these markets and did some research before deciding to include them in Titipku,” said Yanuar.

“One of the indicators used as an assessment of whether a market can enter Titipku or not is the completeness of the products and the freshness of the products sold. The completeness of the product is emphasized so that customers can do one stop shopping in one market. Meanwhile, product freshness is emphasized because Titipku wants to give the best to customers,” added Yanuar.

The following is a list of markets in Bekasi that have just joined Titipku in April 2022:

Swamp Lumbu Market
Narogong Tanah Merah Market
Roxy Plaza Modern Market
Pulo Galaxy Traditional Market

And here is the list of markets in Tangerang that will join Titipku in April 2022:

•Sipon Cipondoh Traditional Market
Big Garden Market

Yanuar added that the process of adding markets in Bekasi and Tangerang was much smoother than before.

“The addition of market area in Tangerang is currently smooth and there are almost no obstacles. This is because Titipku’s name has become increasingly known to residents and fellow traders,” said Yanuar.