TikTok Launches ‘Friends’ Feature to Make Content Search Easier


droidsnipe.comJakarta – TikTok as one of the most popular social media applications and has many enthusiasts, of course, continues to make updates to provide an even more interesting experience for its users.

As recently, TikTok is rolling out a new “Friends” tab that replaces the “Find” tab in its app’s bottom menu.

The company says that the new tab will roll out to many people over the coming weeks.

This will allow TikTok users to discover content from the people they are connected to.

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However, TikTok has yet to go into detail about the new launch or say whether the rollout will come to all users in the future.

“As we continue to celebrate community and creativity, we’re bringing the Friends Tab to more people over the coming weeks, which will let you easily discover and enjoy content from the people you’re connected to, so you can choose more ways to be entertained. on TikTok,” the company said in an official TikTok tweet that was managed by TechCrunch in a screenshot released by droidsnipe.com (10/5/2022).

Also in the tweet, Tiktok pointed out that users will see a banner that says “watch your friend’s video” after they click on the Friends tab.

If you have connected with your friends on Tiktok, you will be able to see their content on the page. If you haven’t already, Tiktok will suggest that you connect with your friends through contacts or you can connect with your Facebook friends.

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On that page Tiktok will also suggest accounts from people you might know and display a follow button next to each name.

Social media Consultant Matt Navarra first spotted the new tab last month, and noted that it would replace the Discover tab.

It would be an interesting move for Tiktok to replace its Discover tab, which shows users a wide range of content, including trending hashtags and videos.

The Discover tab also includes a search bar that lets you search for specific content.

It should be noted that there is also a search icon on the top right side of the homepage which can be used to search for specific videos and also suggest specific searches based on your activity and past searches.

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TikTok’s decision to switch from the Discover tab is quite interesting and shows that Tiktok wants to offer a new way for its users to recommend content based on user friendships.

That might sound a little weird, considering Tiktok TikTok already has a “Following” tab that displays all the content from people you follow on the app, including your friends.

The new tab is a way for TikTok to go beyond the Following tab and present itself as a more interpersonal app, as opposed to the others, which only highlight viral and popular videos.

The company appears to be prioritizing discovering this new personal content over trending videos viewed via the Discover tab which may still appear in the rotation of the “For You” page.