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This Is What Happens If Ayaka Genshin Impact Wants To Live With A Traveler With Her Waifu Harem


As gacha-based games, Genshin Impact certainly has a myriad of characters with their own uniqueness. Almost all of their presence is packed with storyline involving Traveler as the main character in the story of the world of Teyvat.

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Characters designed with 2D visuals and similar animations anime it is impossible not to present a handful of female characters who make gamers confused man putting position waifu-his. Kamisato Ayaka Genshin Impact is no exception.

Ayaka Genshin Impact’s Tragic Romance Story with Traveler

Princess Yashiro Commission and Traveler
Princess Yashiro Commission and Traveler

Kamisato Ayaka first appeared on July 21, 2021, about 9 months ago. She is present as the daughter of the Yashiro Commission with Story Quest “Grus Nivis Chapter: Act I”. where on quest During that time, he performed his beautiful dance on the Traveler as the end of the story.

However, have you ever imagined what it would be like if Ayaka Genshin Impact, a princess, asked to stay with Traveler? Through his Youtube channel, a fan named “Genshin Harem” uploaded a parody video that provides an answer to that question.

You can watch the parody of the video embedded in this article. brot!

The video above begins with Ayaka’s statement complaining that Ayato had been kicked out of their residence. Rather than showing a sad face, Ayaka showed her sweet side with a rosy blush on Aether the Traveler’s cheeks.

As a tough stud, of course Traveler did not waste Ayaka’s request. So when Ayaka pleaded like that, Traveler immediately agreed to her request. Accompanied by a sweet expression like Playboy while showing Serenitea Pot which is in his hand.

Kamisato Ayaka Genshin Impact
Disappointment on Ayaka’s Beautiful Face

However, who would have thought Serenitea Pot which is a Traveler’s home and resting place is already similar to ‘harem‘. Instead of being the empress, Ayaka Genshin Impact was actually surprised by the sight that was presented in front of her eyes.

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This petty romance story turns out to be not just about him and Traveler. But there is ‘other players‘ in there. If he is absent, almost all the other female characters of Genshin Impact have already settled there.

The parody video closes with the sentence TraVeler,”Your room is on the second floor, opposite Yoimiya’s room.”

That’s information about the picture if Kamisato Ayaka wants to stay in our dear Serenitea Pot Traveler. You can play Genshin Impact on PC, Mobile, PS4 and PS5 platforms, right!

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