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this is the brand that has conquered Europe with its 5G mobiles


According to the latest data from Counterpoint, realme is the fastest growing brand in the 5G mobile market in Europe.

The reception of the 5G connectivity by manufacturers of Android devices is advancing at a good pace, and more and more brands have already launched smartphones and tablets with this technology inside. But, Which company is giving the best results incorporating this connectivity to their phones?

According to the latest data from the consulting firm Counterpoint, neither Xiaomi nor OPPO seem to be the firms with the highest growth in sales of 5G mobiles in Europe. That merit falls on another company of Chinese origin: really.

realme GT 5G screen

The realme GT 5G is one of the latest high-end 5G phones launched by the brand.

realme is the brand that grows the most with the sale of 5G mobiles in Europe

The report indicates that the Chinese company has managed to reach a annual growth of 763% over last year in the 5G mobile market in Europe. This impressive growth places realme as one of the top five brands of the 5G smartphone market behind firms such as Samsung or Xiaomi. Last year, the firm was not even in the top 10.

“realme was one of the main drivers of cheaper 5G smartphones in Europe in 2021 (also globally), showing impressive growth compared to 2020. realme’s 5G volumes grew by 763% between Q3 2020 and Q3 2021, making realme one of the top five Android 5G brands behind Samsung, Xiaomi (including Redmi and POCO), OPPO and OnePlus.”

Speaking If we talk about models, according to data from Counterpoint the realme 8 5G is the most successful model, with a 30% share of global realme 5G mobile sales in the last quarter of the year.

5G mobile market data in Europe, Q3 2021

Realme is by far the brand that has grown the most in the 5G mobile segment in Europe.

But the thing does not end there. Analysts suggest that this year 2022 will be an even better year for realmeWell, thanks to new devices equipped with 5G, the company will have the ability to continue growing within the 5G mobile market. Maybe not at a rate as high as last year, but enough to continue being the company with the highest growth rate of the segment.

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