This is the brand that grows the most in the 5G mobile market by far: 831%


No other brand has managed to grow as much as realme in the 5G mobile market during the last quarter of 2021.

It’s not Samsung. Neither Xiaomi nor Apple: the one that has grown the fastest in the 5G smartphone market worldwide is reallyaccording to the latest data from Counterpoint Research.

According to the latest report, the company has achieved grow by 831% during the third quarter of the year compared to the same period last year. The general growth of mobile phones with 5G has grown in the last quarter by 121%.

Despite this, realme is still in sixth position of the 5G mobile market globally, where it remains for the second consecutive quarter.

realme GT 5G screen

The realme GT 5G is one of the latest high-end 5G phones launched by the brand.

Realme is the fastest growing brand in the 5G mobile market, and Apple the best seller

At the moment, Manzana is still the brand more 5G mobiles has managed to sell worldwide, along with others like OPPO; Samsung, Xiaomi or Vivo.

Nevertheless, realme has been the brand with the highest growth during the past quarter, followed by its sisters OPPO and Vivo.

“This growth helped realme maintain sixth place in global 5G Android smartphone sales for the second consecutive quarter. Other fast-growing 5G smartphone brands include OPPO and vivo, driven by their mid-high-end 5G smartphones.”

5G mobile market data

This is how the 5G mobile market is in the third quarter of 2021.

Thanks to the report, we know that the bulk of realme sales come from Europe, China and India. In the latter country, the growth of the brand has exceeded 9500%despite the fact that the implementation of 5G networks is still in a preliminary phase.

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In the case of Europe, analysts suggest that the low price of products has helped the 5G technology becomes more accessiblepromoting the acceptance of this new technology by consumers.

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