This is the app you need to complete GTA 5 100%


If you are addicted to the new version of GTA V, this application will be of great help to you because it will show you thousands of locations and collectible items such as weapons or Easter eggs.

If you are a fan of video games, surely we will not have to tell you that one of the games of the moment, along with Elden Ring, is GTA Vthe second remastered version of the Rockstar’s most successful title in the last decade who arrives accompanied by GTA Onlineits classic multiplayer mode that, on this occasion, it is independent of the game itself.

From Andro4all we always try to recommend tools that help you advance faster in the games and, if a few days ago, we told you about MapGenie: Elden Ring Map, a free application with the complete map of the Middle Lands, today we bring you the application you need to complete GTA 5 100%.

Become a GTA V expert thanks to the MapGenie app: GTA5 Map


The new version of GTA V is one of the most popular games today

MapGenie: GTA5 Map is a free application through which you will be able to know over 2,000 open world locations from Grand Theft Auto V and, in this way, more easily get collectible items as weapons or easter eggs.

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This application also has four types of maps: atlas, satellite, road and inverted UV so you can explore the world of GTA V in the best possible way and allows you to locate a location searching for it by its keyword or by its categorysince all locations are spread over more than 50 categories.

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Another feature of MapGenie: GTA5 Map that will help you finish the game before everyone else is Progress Tracker, a tool that keep track of your collectibles and sync progress with the MapGenie website for this game.

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Finally, with this application you will be able to have all the information of the locations organized, since it allows you to add and edit your notes on them and sync them with the MapGenie website.

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