This is How to Overcome WhatsApp Voice Note No Sound



How to Overcome WhatsApp Voice Note No Sound. PHOTO/ IST

JAKARTA Voice notes is one of the features in WhatsApp that allows us to send voice messages. Using voice notes to exchange messages is certainly more practical than having to type long text.

But sometimes the voice note function can experience interference, so we can’t hear the voice that is sent. This problem can occur because the sender’s mic is damaged or even our speakers are damaged, or it could be due to problems with the internet network so that the download failed.

For that, if the WhatsApp voice note has no sound, try these ways:

1. Use a Headset

Listening to voice notes through a headset aims to ensure that the damage comes from the h panda speaker or the voice note itself. In addition to listening to WhatsApp voice messages, try listening to music or YouTube.

2. Grant Microphone Access Permission

This is one of the causes of WhatsApp not sending or listening to sent voices. The way to give permission for microphone access on WhatsApp is as follows:

· Go to settings
Then select the application manager
Then find and select the WhatsApp application
· Next click on the app permission menu
· Make sure the microphone has received permission.

3. Clear Cache on WhatsApp


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