This is a screenshot of two Whatsapp groups when the chairman of Perindo Malang City was accused of being a member of HTI


JATIMTIMES – The case of serious accusations against the DPD Chairperson of the Indonesian Unity Party (Perindo) Malang City Laily Fitriyah Liza Min Nelly as a member of the social organization (ormas) Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) by three alleged perpetrators continues.

What’s more, after a week of the alleged incident, there has been no apology from the three alleged perpetrators who have now been reported to the Malang City Police. The three alleged perpetrators had the initials AA, SS and DDH.

Where based on information received by, SS is suspected to be a cadre of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) and DDH is suspected to be a cadre of the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura). Meanwhile, AA is not a political party cadre, but is suspected of being an entrepreneur.

Furthermore, this serious incident began when one of the administrators of the Perindo Party DPD Malang City, Reza Bayu Setyawan, uploaded a Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijriah greeting on Sunday, May 1, 2022 on the WhatsApp Group (WAG) GWN Public Complaints Malang.

Then the account with the initials AA immediately responded by uploading a photo of the Chairman of the DPD Perindo Party in Malang City, Laily Fitriyah Liza Min Nelly, who was holding the flag of monotheism and wearing a red and white symbol on his head. In addition, AA also wrote an allegation that Nelly was an HTI.

“Why is the chairman of HTI, yes,” wrote the AA account.

It was then replied by the DPD Perindo Party Malang City administrator who uploaded a photo of Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijri by regretting the statement written by the account with the initials AA.

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“Eman e. When welcoming the holiday with joy and a clean heart, there are still comments that judge someone only by inanimate objects,” wrote Reza.

It doesn’t stop there. It turned out that Nelly’s accusation of being a member of HTI was rewritten by an account with the initials AA on WAG BangkitnyaMalangKucecwara by uploading the same photo on the WAG GWN Public Complaints Malang.

“Nelly yo htu.. blaen,” wrote the AA account.

It turned out that the upload of photos along with serious accusations against Nelly by calling her a member of HTI, was replied to by two accounts suspected of being cadres of political parties. Namely accounts with the initials SS and DDH.

“Kl in the next group often eyed me. I don’t know why… HTi,” wrote an account with the initials SS, who is suspected to be a PSI cadre.

Then, the account with the initials DDH, who is suspected of being a Hanura Party cadre, also wrote a comment on the photo of Nelly holding the monotheism flag with a red and white headband.

“The father of this lek is great, wong is not consistently blasphemy, especially his position as the chairman of Perindo,” wrote an account with the initials DDH.

Then the owner of the same account with the initials DDH also had time to write a statement of serious accusations against Nelly as Party Chair at WAG MCC Inspirasi Malang.

“Party leader and agent of the Khilafah HTI,” wrote an account with the initials DDH.

Meanwhile, regarding the serious allegations of being a member of HTI and the alleged defamation, the Head of the Malang City Perindo Party DPD Laily Fitriyah Liza Min Nelly said that his party felt aggrieved.

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“I am very disadvantaged, because this organization (HTI) is a prohibited organization. Meanwhile, I have my own responsibility towards the organization that I lead now (DPD Perindo Malang City Party). That is something with a very different background, it is very impossible, “said Nelly when met by the media crew after making a complaint at the Malang City Police, Monday (9/5/2022).

He also hopes that all parties can be careful in using social media. The reason is, the realm of social media is already a public consumption that can be enjoyed by all elements of society.

Furthermore, when confirmed by via WhatsApp (WA), the account with the initials AA did not respond until this news was broadcast. Then for the account with the initials DDH when asked for a response to the complaint made by Nelly to the Malang City Police, DDH admitted that he did not know.

“Wow, I don’t know yet, sir,” said DDH.

Meanwhile, the account with the initial SS responded to the confirmation of via telephone. Regarding the statement written on the WAG, his party said it did not have a specific purpose.

“Wow, there is no purpose, I just replied to the post. There is no purpose whatsoever. Yes (only responding),” said SS.

Regarding the SS response regarding the complaint made by Nelly and her legal counsel to the Malang City Police who also complained to the SS, she admitted that she did not know anything.

“I don’t know anything yet,” said the SS.

Furthermore, when asked whether PSI Malang City would provide legal protection for him, his party confirmed that this would be done by PSI Malang City.

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“Yes, of course. We also don’t talk about the party there, we just personalize it. Why do the parties act like that, you know,” concluded SS.