This free app allows you to create your perfect wallpaper using the power of artificial intelligence


We have discovered the ultimate wallpaper app: it allows you to create your own images using artificial intelligence.

Every once in a while we find new apps for android to which it is worth devoting our attention. The last one that we have discovered, and that has already gained a foothold in our mobiles, is Dream by WOMBOa personalization application that, despite being new, is not among the best known in its category.

The application bases its operation on artificial intelligence. Taking advantage of the power that this technology gives it, it allows generate artistic images based on the definitions that we ourselves indicate. Later, these images can be downloaded in the memory of our mobile to use them as wallpaper totally unique, since each creation is generated completely differently from the others.

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Create your own wallpapers with Dream

Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO allows you to create custom wallpapers.

The app is not completely new. Dream accumulates more than a million installations on Google Play, and for months it has been a very popular tool among artists and fans of abstract art.

As soon as you open the application, we are given the possibility to log in or directly access the image creation tool. Once in the tool, we can write a definition of the image you want to create at the top of the app. It is worth mentioning that, although the application is in English, in my tests I have been able to generate images using definitions in Spanish such as “dark forest”, “snowy mountains” or “racing car”, to give a few examples.

In addition to the definition, the app gives the possibility of choose art style that we want the final image to have. There are eighteen different artistic styles, although it is also possible choose none and let the tool do its job without taking inspiration from them.

Likewise, a novelty recently introduced in the app consists of the possibility of upload an image from our gallerywhich will be used as a reference to generate the final image.

When we have finished choosing the parameters of our creation, just touch the “Create” button at the bottom, and wait for Dream work your magic. The images are generated in high resolution, perfect to be used as wallpaper. In fact, at the time of save image to gallerythe app itself offers the option of configuring our creation as a “wallpaper”.

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