This addictive game will test your historical knowledge: do you know what came before?


WikiTrivia is a simple and entertaining game in which you have to order a series of historical events on a timeline.

We can safely say that Wordle is the fashion game in these first weeks of the yearsince this simple game, of which we have already told you how to play it in Spanish and from your mobile, has followed in the footsteps of other successful titles such as Flappy Bird or Among Us, achieving that thousands of people from all over the world play it every day.

Well, Wordle’s fame has caused him to come out with a tough competitor, it’s about WikiTrivia, an addictive game that will test your historical knowledge: Do you know what was before?.

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WikiTrivia is a fun game with which you will review your knowledge of history

This Wikipedia history game is as simple as it is fun

WikiTrivia is a story game created by software engineer Tom James Watson which is based on the information compiled by Wikipedia about the most important historical events.

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Same as Wordle, WikiTrivia can be played on any device, mobile, tablet or computer, through your web browser and it does not require installing any app on your smartphone or on your PC.

To start playing WikiTrivia, the first thing you have to do is access this link from your favorite web browser and click on the button Start Game. Once this is done, the mechanics of this game is really simple: a timeline with an event will appear at the bottom and they will appear at the top other events that you will have to move to place them before or after the bottom event.

Once the event cards are in the timeline we can access the Wikipedia article they are related to simply clicking on them and clicking on the corresponding link.

For example, in our first game the first event was the birth of the writer JRR Tolkien and some of the events that we had to place on the timeline were the founding of the insurance company Allianz or the creation of the Icelandic parliament.

WikiTrivia allows you to make three mistakes before the game ends and when this happens it shows you information about the correct answers you have achieved in this game and also what is your best streak so far.

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At the beginning, WikiTrivia makes things easy for you, but as you progress through the game things get more complicated, since the dates are getting stricter and you have to tune a lot to get to increase your streak.

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