These are the movies and series that HBO Max premieres in March 2022


The American platform presents us with a most spectacular month.

The machinery of streaming platforms doesn’t stop and it’s time we show you everything you need to know about the premieres that are coming in the month of March 2022 on hbo maxthe platform that brings together great original productions of the old HBOfrom Warner or of the same DC. Get ready and make room in your weekly schedule throughout the month, because the streaming platform wants you to enjoy great original productions and of premieres that will make you enjoy the digital leisure.

Evan Rachel Wood opens up to the public in the documentary Phoenix Rising.

Evan Rachel Wood opens up to the public in the documentary Phoenix Rising.

Documentaries and movies with true stories

The HBO Max platform premieres until three documentaries, of quite different topics, but that will connect with the audience without any doubt. First of all, the day March 1stwe will have the opportunity to enjoy The Forbidden Orangea film that narrates the first public screening, in Spain, of A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick’s great film, within the 20th edition of the Valladolid International Film Week.

In addition, that same day we will also be able to see Balandrau, Frozen Hell, the portrait of a tragedy that occurred in Girona in the year 2000, where a blizzard killed ten mountaineers. To end the day March 16we will have the opportunity to hear actress Evan Rachel Wood’s harrowing account of her experience as a survivor of domestic violence in the documentary phoenix rising.

In section moviesthe day 7 of March we will have the opportunity to see, almost for the first time, the latest work in which Will Smith has participated, called Williams method, where the American actor plays Richard Williams, father of possibly the best tennis players in history and in which his methods to achieve glory are exposed. In addition, we also have a HBO Max original productionavailable from the day March 31stcall Moonshotwhere we will meet the colonized planet Mars and two university students who embark on an adventure to board the shuttle that will take them to the red planet.

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New series and seasons that return in style

If you feel like it, we’ll start by telling you all the T.V. series that arrive renewed to hbo maxstarting with the day March 2 begins the fifth season of the excellent comedy better thingsthe fourth season of the fantastic charmed and the second season of Starstruck. We will also have the opportunity to see the documentary series Brene Brown: Atlas of the Heartthe day March 31stwhere emotions will be the main protagonists, and One perfect shotthe day March 24thwhere acclaimed directors would gut some of his best scenes.

However, the best of this month in hbo max are the premieres of new series, which we are convinced that you will enjoy beautifully. The day March 3rd are released Our flag means deatha story based on true events about an aristocrat who decides to become a pirate, and The Turist, where a man persecuted on the road seeks answers to the strange event. The day 7 of March comes to HBO Max, Winning Time: The Lakers Dynasty, a portrait of the personal and professional life of the best team of the 1980s in the NBA. One day later we will have the opportunity to see Ruxxa drama created in Romania, and all seasons of the hypnotic Weeds. The day March, 15th we will see the red linea miniseries where a white police officer mistakenly shoots an African-American doctor in Chicago, while the day 17 we can meet Minxa series set in Los Angeles in the 70s, where an erotic magazine for women sees the light.

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The day March 18th Lust arrives on the platform to introduce us to Annette, a public health researcher who, along with her friends, begins to question her sex life. That same day, we will also see DMZ, a series based on a DC comic, where Rosario Dawson will play a doctor who embarks on a journey to find the son she lost in the evacuation of New York City. While at the end of the month, the day March 31stHBO Max will introduce us to Julia, a television series based on the childhood and Julia Child’s genre-breaking television show. Let yourself be seduced by the North American platform and surrender to its digital charms.

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