These are the mobile games that generate the most money right now


Tendent is the most successful company in the field of mobile games, having some of the titles that generate the most money in the world.

With about 237 million dollars generated, PUBG Mobile It is the game in which the players have spent the most money throughout January 2022 worldwide. And its owner, Tencent, is the company again most benefited among all those that shape the mobile video game industry, having in its possession another of the most successful games in terms of revenue.

The list, shared by gadgetsnowincludes other popular titles such as Genshin Impact or the mythical Candy Crush Sagawhich year after year continues to reach the revenue tops in the main application stores.

PUBG Mobile is the game that generates the most money in the world

PUBG Mobile is the mobile game that generates the most money in the world

PUBG Mobile, the game that generates the most money in the world

According to the data collected in the report, PUBG Mobile has generated 237 million dollars in January 2022, of which 64% came from users residing in Chinaand 8% from the United States.

Another title from Tencent, Honor of Kingsis the second game with the highest number of revenues generated by users, with $233 million. Once again, China is once again the most prolific market, with a 96% of revenue generated from gaming from Tencent’s home country.

In third position is Genshin Impact, the great success of miHoYo, with 208 million dollars raised and a growth of 37%. follows closely Candy Crush Saga.

The entire mobile video game industry has generated a total of 7,400 million dollars in January 2022, counting money raised through Google Play and the App Store. Although this is an impressive number, the truth is that the revenues have fallen by seven percentage points compared to last year.

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