These 2 electric scooters have a 40% discount and autonomy for 50 kilometers


If you’re looking for a electric scooter powerful and quality but you feel like trying something outside the well-known Xiaomi models today is your lucky day. For a limited time you can buy a high-performance electric scooter at a insane price.

We are talking about two models of the brand BEZIORwhich have discounts over 40% on GoGoBest, an online store specializing in new mobility (in addition to electric scooters from different brands, they also offer electric bikes of all kinds). Before moving on to the offers themselves, remember that whichever model you choose, it will be sent in a free from the warehouses that the e-commerce has in Poland, so you will receive your scooter in one or two weeks as much. Made the “warnings”… let’s go to the nougat!

Buy the BEZIOR S500 Max for 399.99 euros

Get the BEZIOR S500 Max for less than 400 euros, take advantage!

Although the BEZIOR S500 Max It is one of the most basic models of the brand, not for that reason we are facing an ordinary scooter. It has a battery that guarantees an autonomy of between 45 and 50 kilometers (the double than the Mi Electric Scooter Essential) since, among other things, it has the ability to recharge itself with the kinetic energy generated by the wheels. In addition, when you have to go through the plug you will only need 6 hours to fully charge it.

Its maximum power 500W ensures that it won’t run out of steam on hills, not to mention that it can reach a top speed of 35 kilometers per hourwell above the 20 or 25 kilometers of the most popular scooters.

also comes with pneumatic wheels 10-inch wheels and disc brakes with E-ABS+, damping, fenders, display with speedometer and battery indicator, aluminum body and a complete lighting system with which we will always roll safely. Supports a maximum load of 120 kilos and, despite its 18 kilos of weight, it can be folded in just 3 seconds. Note that low from 699.99 euros up to 399.99 euros, so you will save 300 euros.

Buy the BEZIOR S1 for 590.96 euros

In case you want something even more powerful and complete, it may be a good idea to bet on the older brother of the BEZIOR S500 Max, the BEZIOR S1. It is a highly advanced scooter that boasts a exclusive 41% discountbeing within your reach for only €590.96 (note that its usual price exceeds 1000 euros).

It comes with a motor 1000W which allows you to reach a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hourfigures that combined with a range of up to 50 kilometers result in a true beast of sustainable mobility. If for whatever reason so much power makes you dizzy, keep in mind that has a “ride mode” that relaxes the speed a bit, in this way you can also use it as a somewhat more “normal” electric scooter.

As was the case with the previous model, you can also fold to be transported and has extras such as disc brakes or Lighting system. If you have doubts, take a good look at the video above: for this price this scooter is quite a bargain.

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