The Xiaomi Smart Pen is half price on TomTop! Do not let him go


Xiaomi smart pen tomtop offer

Do you have a Xiaomi Pad 5 at home, but you don’t get the most out of it because you lack the Smart Pen? Getting the official Xiaomi stylus can be complicated, because there is seldom availability in stores and when they arrive they run out quickly. That, or it’s very expensive.

However, TomTop has it for sale right now and with a special price that will surprise you. Do you need a stylus for your tablet? The Xiaomi Smart Pen can be yours for only €64. Although they are limited units, don’t wait too long if you want one.

The Xiaomi Smart Pen is the perfect complement for your tablet, especially if you are creative

Xiaomi smart pen discount half price

Although Android and its applications are becoming more intuitive every day, controlling a tablet through a stylus is another level of play. If you are an illustrator, with a stylus you can draw whatever you want with a fantastic level of precision; if you make work presentations, for a course you are teaching or for any other reason, with your Smart Pen you will be able to add annotations live without any problem; and if you are simply a user who likes to have creative freedom when using your tablet, you can also take advantage of it.

In general, you can do this with any stylus, but the Xiaomi Smart Pen goes much further. Being an active stylus you can take advantage of its 4096 pressure levels to write or draw with greater precision, as if you had a digital tablet for professional illustrators. In addition, thanks to its two buttons you can quickly start annotating or take instant screenshots.

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Yes, it is a stylus that requires charging, but Xiaomi did it right and gave its Smart Pen an autonomy of up to 8 hours of use on a charge of only 18 minutes. What ran out of battery and you need to write something down quickly? Don’t worry, with just 60 seconds of charging you will have 20 minutes of autonomy.

In short, the Xiaomi Smart Pen is a fantastic stylus and the perfect complement to squeeze everything that your Xiaomi Pad 5 has to offer you. Are you gonna let it go? Here is a summary of its features:

  • Slim and light body with excellent grip.
  • frequency of 240Hz touch sampling.
  • 4096 level pressure sensitivity, ideal for professional illustration.
  • main button for immediate annotations in any app.
  • Secondary button to take screenshots.
  • High speed magnetic chargingonly 18 minutes for 8 hours of use.
  • Interchangeable tip to replace it once it wears out.
  • Made of high quality plastic, weighing just 12.2 grams.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Smart Pen at the best price and with immediate stock

buy xiaomi stylus offer

As we discussed before, the availability of the Xiaomi Smart Pen is quite limited worldwide. However, TomTop has 550 units for sale of this stylus on its website at its historical minimum price.

Until March 15 (or while supplies last) you can take home the original Xiaomi Smart Pen for only €64, a discount of 55%. Plus, they ship it to your home for free.

Have you been looking for this stylus for a long time? You will not find a better price and immediate availability. You already know that it is a highly sought after accessory and, when a bargain comes out, they quickly run out.

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