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The World’s Most Expensive Salt Is in Korea, The Price Can Be To Buy 1 Sophisticated Android Phone!


Sonora.ID – It is undeniable that salt is one of the most important cooking ingredients.

Because of its very important role, salt cannot be separated from housewives for cooking.

Did you know that salt has many types on the market, the prices are quite varied.

But of the many salts, salt from this country is claimed to be the most expensive salt.

So fantastic, the price of salt is priced for one Android cellphone which is quite sophisticated, which is around Rp. 1.4 million per 240 grams.

The price of this salt is even more expensive than pink Himalayan salt which is considered the most expensive by some.

Yes, the salt is Amethyst Bamboo, which is the most expensive salt in the world, reported by Oddity Central.

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Bamboo salt from Korea has a high price because the manufacturing process is tedious and involves nine times roasting in bamboo.

In making the salt, sea salt is put in a bamboo tube and covered with Loess clay.


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