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the Wordle to guess football team formations


Missing 11 Wordle to guess football team formations

Do you consider yourself a soccer expert? Well, what better than to put all your knowledge to the test in the new Wordle-like game for football fans, which? Nothing more and nothing less than the so-called Missing 11.

Thanks to the fact that Wordle is an open source game, several developers have created their versions applying said code. If you haven’t been interested in any of these games so far, you may missing 11 “Awaken the spark you have inside you.”

What is Missing 11, the Wordle-like game for football fans, about?

Missing 11 Football Wordle

Distancing himself from the different versions of Wordle that we have known so far, in Missing 11 you will have to have a lot of knowledge about soccer.

When you enter the website that will allow you to play this Soccer Wordle, you must guess the 11 headlines of the day. Of course, you will have to take into account the match to which that formation refers, since the players will be related to a specific match.

How to play Missing 11?

how to play missing 11

If you remember the 11 starters from the game that Missing 11 refers to, you must click on each of the players that appear on the playing field.

As you click on each of the players, Missing 11 will let you put the names of those players. Like Wordle, this version will show you the correct letters, as well as the ones that are present so that you can guess the names of the players.

Keep in mind that just like Footle, the ideal version of Wordle for football lovers, you can play Missing 11 from your PC or mobile deviceas the game is compatible with both platforms.

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It should be added that in this football version of Wordle you can “to cheat”, in case you need it. And it is that the game shows you which is the party to which the formation of the day alludes. With this information in your hand, you can search for the game to find out the starting lineup.

Last but not least, here is the link so you can play Missing 11 for free (you need to be connected to the Internet constantly).

Link | missing 11