the video game market explodes with mobile phones


Smartphones finally confirm the ‘sorpasso’ in the video game industry, already eating the cake of PCs, consoles and game rooms… All together!

That the video game market and the smartphone market were doomed to understand each other It was something we all knew. Not surprisingly, the symbiosis between the two worlds continues to become more and more evident both with new titles triple A that are released on mobile platforms almost every week, as well as with that bunch of smartphones designed specifically for environments gaming and that they are also usually among the most powerful on the market.

In any case, they are not machines those that contribute the most to the growth of video games on mobile phones, because surely it will only be necessary to think that there are about 6,000 million people in the world with a smartphoneto get an idea of ​​the market that moves around it and the good business that mobile games are taking into account such a wide target audience.

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It is not a surprise that where video games grow the most is… On mobile!

Given these premises, it seems then that it was a simple matter of time that smartphones changed the paradigm in the video game industryso no one will be surprised if we confirm to you, thanks to the colleagues at GizmoChina, that the mobile gaming market has overtaken consoles, PCs and arcadesAll together!

Mobile games already outsell the rest of the video game industry combined, taking 53% market share and generating more than $90 billion in revenue by 2021.

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The figures are dizzying, as Newzoo analysts say that smartphones and mobile games they already eat more than 53% of the market cakegenerating more than $90 billion in revenue in 2021 and advanced by the right to the rest of the video game industryincluding consoles, PCs, cloud gaming platforms and even the legendary game rooms that have been in decline for a long time.

Not only are mobile phones the ones that generate the most money with video games, but they also make up the fastest growing market segment and the great support of the industryas sales of PCs and consoles continue to fall after the pandemic and the end of confinements, but market revenues continue to grow.

There is no doubt, therefore, that the explosion of smartphones also in giant emerging markets as India is behind such an improvement and this sorpassosince the popularity of Android and the penetration of smartphones has made it easier for video game developers and studios to make your titles available to many more people very easily and more accessible.

Mobile gaming is thriving in Asia-Pacific, with three titles standing out above the rest: PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile and Genshin Impact generated $18 billion alone.

Finally, going deeper into the published data, it seems that much of this $90 billion in revenue came from the Asia-Pacific region, with China representing a third of those amounts (30,000 million) compared to the United States that generates 15,000 million dollars. Special mention for Latin America, Africa and the Middle East where the amounts are lower, but the growth has been remarkable.

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Regarding the games, which will also interest you, the most notable in terms of income were PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobilebesides obviously a star of mobile platforms like Genshin Impact. The three together generated nothing less than 18,000 million dollars.

And with more than 7 billion people connected through smartphones expected in the coming months, only further growth in the mobile gaming market can be expected…

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