The screen of my Xiaomi does not turn on anymore


It may happen that you want to use your Xiaomi and the screen no longer turns on. When this happens, it is extremely annoying because without a screen, the Xiaomi is unusable. That’s the kind of concern that will have to be resolved relatively quickly. But don’t worry, the fact that the Xiaomi screen no longer works does not always mean that it needs to be replaced. So, to help you see it clearly and fix your screen, we have chosen to write this tutorial. We will first see what you need to check if the screen of your Xiaomi no longer works. Then we will see what may be the reasons for this concern.

What to do if the screen of your Xiaomi does not turn on

Here are the steps you can follow to fix your Xiaomi screen.

Make sure your Xiaomi is fully charged

Yeah, that all sounds pretty bad to me. Looks like BT isn’t for me either. Therefore, it is recommended that you check that his Xiaomi is fully charged. In fact, it happens from time to time that a cell phone suddenly discharges, without you seeing it coming. So even if you are sure that your Xiaomi was charged before the screen turned off, you will still have to charge it. In the event that the screen still does not work, go to the next step.

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Do a forced reboot of the Xiaomi

From time to time, your Xiaomi will have to be forced to restart. To be able to perform a forced restart, you must perform one of the following 2 maneuvers:

  • stay a long time press the power button .
  • Hold down the button Energy and the button Low volume for seven seconds.

When it’s ok, your Xiaomi will reboot. Thus, you will be able to see whether the screen resets or not. If not, go to the next step.

Make sure the Xiaomi screen does not turn on

It is essential to know if the Xiaomi screen no longer works. In fact, it is also possible that the concern comes from the other side. To check if the screen is not working properly, you will be prompted again to restart your Xiaomi. If it starts, you should feel it. a vibration, hear a noise or the led Xiaomi should turn on. In the event that you notice one of these 3 situations, prove that the Xiaomi is well booted and that the screen does not work. In the event that you do not see any of these situations, it means that the problem does not necessarily come from the screen.

Change the Xiaomi screen

In the event that the previous step has allowed you to validate that it is the Xiaomi screen that is not working, it means that it is a hardware problem. In this case it will be necessary to change the Xiaomi screen. For this, it is recommended to go to a specialized store.

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What could be the reason that a screen no longer lights up on a Xiaomi

There can be a multitude of causes that can cause a screen to no longer turn on. Different possibilities are shown below.

Did the Xiaomi catch water or humidity?

Sometimes this is the cause of a screen that is not working properly. In the event that the Xiaomi has fallen into the water or in the event that you have found yourself in an extremely humid environment lately, the concern comes from there. If so, is it possible to try warm up a bit your Xiaomi with a hair dryer and press hard on the top of the screen. This sometimes allows the screen to be repaired.

Has the Xiaomi fallen?

In the event that your Xiaomi has recently been damaged, or if the screen is cracked, it is likely that the problem comes from there. Then it is recommended that you go to the store to replace the screen.

Are there other signs?

In the event that your Xiaomi has been doing weird things lately, this may have been a sign of a problem with the operating system. In fact, if your Xiaomi turns itself off, restarts itself or does other weird things, it is probably a problem with the operating system. In this case, it is recommended to perform a factory reset from Xiaomi.