The screen of my Google Nexus One does not turn on


You may want to use Google Nexus One and the screen may not boot. When this happens, it’s especially annoying because without a screen, Google Nexus One is unusable. This is the kind of problem that needs to be solved relatively quickly. But don’t worry, Google Nexus One screen not working doesn’t have to change automatically. To help you see clearly and fix your screen, we decided to write this post. We will first find out what to see if the Google Nexus One screen no longer works. We will find out a second time what can be the cause of this problem.

What to do if the Google Nexus One screen does not turn on

These are the steps that we will follow to repair the Google Nexus One screen.

Make sure Google Nexus One is sufficiently charged

Yeah, that all sounds pretty bad to me. Looks like BT isn’t for me either. Therefore, we recommend that you check if Google Nexus One is loaded. In fact, it sometimes happens that a laptop suddenly shuts down without us seeing it coming. So even if you are convinced that the Google Nexus One was charged before the screen was closed, you should still charge it. If the screen still doesn’t work, go to the next step.

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Force restart Google Nexus One

Sometimes you force Google Nexus One to start screen for it to work. If you want to perform a forced restart, you must perform one of the following two maneuvers:

  • stay a long time pressed the power button .
  • Hold down the button Energy and the button Low volume for seven seconds.

When you’re done, Google Nexus One will reboot. This will allow you to see if the screen is working again or not. If not, go to the next step.

Check that the Google Nexus One screen does not turn on

It is important to know if the Google Nexus One screen no longer works. In fact, it is possible that the problem comes from the other side. To check if the screen is really not working properly, restart Google Nexus One again. If the latter starts, you should feel it. a vibration, hear a noise or an LED Google Nexus One should start. If you see one of these three situations, it shows that Google Nexus One started successfully and the screen is not working. If you do not see any of these situations, this indicates that the problem is not necessarily coming from the screen.

Change Google Nexus One screen

If the previous step allowed you to confirm that the Google Nexus One screen is not working properly, this means that it is a hardware failure. In this case, it will be necessary to change the Google Nexus One screen. To do this, we advise you to go to a specialized store.

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What can be the cause of the screen no longer turning on in a Google Nexus One

There can be a variety of causes that can cause a screen to no longer light up. Below are several possibilities.

Is Google Nexus One wet or damp?

This is usually caused by a screen that is not working properly. If your Google Nexus One has been dropped in water or you have recently woken up in a very humid environment, the problem may be there. If so, you can try warm up a bit Google Nexus One with a hair dryer and touch at the top of the screen. This sometimes helps to repair the screen.

Google Nexus One dropped?

If Google Nexus One crashed recently or if the screen is cracked, the problem may be there. We recommend that you go to the store to change your screen.

there were other signs

If the Google Nexus One has been doing weird things lately, this could be a sign of a problem with the operating system. In fact, if Google Nexus One turns itself off, restarts itself, or does other strange things, there is probably a problem with the operating system. In this case, we recommend that you do a factory reset of your Google Nexus One.


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