The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is like a rock, and JerryRigEverything also confirms it with its toughest test


Zack Nelson also confirms that Samsung has done a good job with the construction of its new Galaxy S22 Ultra… They are rock hard!

We had already seen a few days ago the colleagues from PBKReviews test the resistance of the successful Galaxy S22 Ultra with results of remarkable durabilityand little else we had to wait for the popular Zack Nelson affirms it too from his JerryRigEverything channel.

And yes, friends, the Galaxy S22 Ultra that we were also able to analyze in Andro4all a few days ago seems tough as a rock thanks to the construction more premium of Samsung’s history, with its chassis of Armor Aluminum and chemically toughened glass Gorilla Glass Victus+ signed by Corning.

Samsung Galaxy S22, in the resistance test of JerryRigEverything

The Samsung Galaxy S22, in the resistance test of the popular JerryRigEverything

As you will now see in Zack Nelson’s video, his Galaxy S22 Ultra unit it has stoically withstood all the tests of scratching, fire and torsion without breaking its hair Even maintaining its full functionality without major complications and thus expanding the credentials that it had previously shown, surviving even a car crush test with PBKReviews.

Samsung affirmed it and the empirical tests confirm, the ‘Armor Aluminum’ and the Gorilla Glass Victus+ work: Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra are probably the most robust high-end mobiles.

If you have a Galaxy S22 Ultra you will not need to take care of it too much: it is tough as a tank

As you will see in the video and Zack Nelson himself stands out, Samsung has ditched plastic screen protectors that it always placed on the factory on its latest terminals, and that despite the fact that the Gorilla Glass Victus+ signs similar results to the previous versions of Corning, with Superficial scratches from level 6 on the Mohs scale and deeper scratches at hardness level 7.

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Obviously the metal frame does scratch easily with a steel bladeas well as the metal parts of the stylus S-Pen that this time does have the button and the end mechanism made of aluminum.

Not in vain, as with the previous Galaxy Note the S-Pen has been split in half to check its construction and internal design, which are similar to those already known with water resistance and a small battery wirelessly rechargeable to power the chip and have the Bluetooth functions of the stylus.

It is important to see how the glass of the cameras does seem of great quality and durability, although as you will all expect the metal rings that cover and adorn them are scratched as was the case with the frame of the phone with a simple blade.

According to the fireproofalso leaves positive results for a Galaxy S22 Ultra that recovers smoothly while maintaining functionality of all components, including the Dynamic AMOLED panel and the ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

And finally, the most awaited test which is the torsion test that the Galaxy S22 Ultra survives with note especially after seeing how the OnePlus 10 Pro became a foldable with some ease at the cost of a serious structural problem.

So, if you buy a Galaxy S22 Ultra or are interested in it, you should know that the terminal is durable and resistant as would be expected from a smartphone of more than 1,000 eurosso you won’t have to take too much care of it to keep it looking like new for a long time… This is good news, right?

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