The realme Pad will not update to Android 12


Do you have a realme Pad? We have bad news for you: your new tablet will not be updated to Android 12.

01/26/2022: realme confirms that the realme Pad will update to Android 12 officially.

01/14/2022: realme has issued a statement to clarify this information. His official stance is at the end of the article..

Realme has confirmed that it will not update the realme Pad to Android 12. The company’s first tablet, launched on the Spanish market at the end of 2021, will only receive security patches throughout its useful life, but you will not receive a single OS update.

Logically, this is not good news for those who have decided to buy the brand’s tablet, which although due to its specifications/price ratio It can be an alternative to models such as the Xiaomi Pad 5, the fact that the update to the latest Android version is not guaranteed makes it a difficult product to recommend.

Realme Pad

The realme Pad, a cheap tablet with a MediaTek processor.

The realme Pad will not receive a single Android update

Realme has not shown exactly exemplary behavior when it comes to bring the latest versions of Android to your devices. As of today, not even their high-end mobiles have updated to Android 12, and according to their planning, the owners of some recent models will have to wait until summer 2022 to be able to enjoy the new features of the latest version.

Even so, it is still surprising that the brand has decided abandon a product that has only been present in the brand’s catalog for a few months. Since November, to be exact.

  what changes compared to the previous version

It has been one of the administrators of the official realme community who has confirmed that, in effect, there will be no update to Android 12 for the realme Pad. During your support period, you’ll only receive security updates and performance improvements, but you’ll be stuck on Android 11 until the end of your days.

Taking into account that Android 12, and more specifically, Android 12L, are versions aimed at improving the operation of the system on devices with a large screen, such as tablets or folding devices, the fact that it has really decided not to support these versions may be a problem. perfectly valid reason to completely rule out the purchase of this product.

realme statement

As of January 14, 2022 realme has issued a statement to shed some light on this problem. We reproduce it below:

At realme we are aware of the importance of updating products like the realme Pad. Right now, all the company’s efforts are focused on offering the best updates for our smartphones. But specifically for the realme Pad, we are working to offer the bootloader code and open kernel, so that our users can update it if they wish.

We do not rule out that in the future we can offer updates to all our products.

Thanks for your understanding

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